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1st Semester

English-1st Semester

1. In which part of the U.S. is New Mexico located? southeast
2. Which of the following is NOT one of the states located at the Four Corners? Oklahoma
3. Where does NM rank in size in the Union? 5th
4. Which is NOT one of NM’s five major rivers? San Jon
5. How many different life zones does NM have? 6
6. What is NM’s biggest shortcoming? lack of water
7. Where is NM’s highest peak found? Wheeler’s Peak
8. Where is NM’s lowest elevation located? Red Bluff
9. The first big-game hunters in eastern NM. Clovis Culture
10. Evidence of theses people was found by George McJunkin. Folsom Culture
11. These nomads came after the big-game hunters. Desert Culture
12. Early farmers in SW New Mexico that grew corn and beans. Mogollon Culture
13. The builders of the great Pueblo Bonito. Anasazi Culture
14. People who did not share a common language. Pueblo Indians
15. People that ate mescal from the agave plant. Mescalero Apaches
16. The largest Indian group in the U.S. today. Navajos
17. People called the Gila Apaches by the Spaniards. Chiricahua Apaches
18. Hunter-gathers in northeastern NM. Jicarilla Apaches
19. What was Columbus seeking on his voyage in 1492? an all-water route to the Far East
20. Why were the Spaniards interested in the land north of New Spain? they wanted to find the cities of gold
21. What does the word “Cibola” mean? Spanish for buffalo cow
22.Who were the Conquistadors? Spaniards conquerors
23. What was the land of Cibola? the area of the Great Plains
24. What was New Spain’s high-ranking official called? viceroy
25. How many voyages did Columbus sail to the Americas? 4
26. In which year did the people of Mexico revolt against Spanish rule? 1810
27. Who was the first person to benefit from the new trade laws? William Becknell
28. What was NM’s first main trading center? Santa Fe
29. Over which pass did the Santa Fe Trail cross when it entered NM? Raton Pass
30. What did Mexican officials do when they realized that they couldn’t stop the trading? taxed all goods
31. Which was NOT one of the three changes the New Mexico Territory went through from 1850 to 1910? it became a state
32. Which president was elected in 1844? James Polk
33. Which president believed in manifest destiny? James Polk
34. What did Polk try to buy in 1845? California
35. What reason did Polk give for declaring a war against Mexico? Mexicans shed American blood on American soil
36. True or False: Billy the Kid commanded Union troops at Fort Craig. FALSE
37. True or False: Col. Edward R.S. Canby of the Confederate army invaded New Mexico. FALSE
38. True or False: Kit Carson’s murder started the Lincoln County War. FALSE
39. True or False: Gen. James Carleton defeated the Mescalero Apaches and the Navajos. TRUE
40. True or False: Geronimo,Chiricahua Apache leader, did not surrender until 1886. TRUE
41. True or False: William Bonney was known as “Billy the Kid,” he fought in the Lincoln County War. TRUE
42. True or False: John Henry Tunstall was the author of Ben Hur, this governor tried to end the Lincoln County War. FALSE
43. True or False: The Battle of Glorieta Pass, aCivil War battle, was “The Gettysburg of the West?” TRUE
44. True or False: Sheirff Pat Garrett controlled Lincoln County economy in the years after the Civil War? FALSE
45. True or False: Buffalo Soldiers got their name because their curly hair reminded Indians of the buffalo. TRUE
46. True or False: The Confederates won the Battle of Valverde. TRUE
47. True or False: Billy the Kid did not hang because he had amnesty from the governor of New Mexico. FALSE
48. True or False: The “McSween Crowd” and Billy the Kid won the battle of Lincoln. FALSE
49. True or False: The Confederates won the Battle of Valverde. TRUE
50. What was Columbus seeking on his voyage in 1492? An all-water route to the Far East
51. What is the definition to anarchy? state of poticial disorder resulting from absence of government
52. What is the definition to monopoly? no competition in the sale of a product
53. What is the definition to petition? make a formal request of an authority
54. What is the definition to unemployment rate? the number of people not working divided by the number of people in the workforce
55. What is the definition to direct democracy? system of government where everyone votes
56. What is the definition to deflation? a decrease in the price of goods and services
57. What is the definition to Mayflower Compact? America's "first written constitution"
58. What is the definition to baby boomer? people born in the era of 1946-1964
59. What is the definition to civics? social science dealing with rights & duties of citizens
60. What is the definition to double jeopardy? condition of being tried a second time for the same crime
61. What was America's "first written constitution? Mayflower Compact
62. Which amendment covers "the right to bear arms"? 2nd
63. Which amendment covers "protection against unreasonable searchers and seizures"? 4th
64. Which amendment covers "no soldiers in my house"? 3rd
65. Which amendment covers " protection in cases of eminent domain"? 5th
66. Which amendment covers "the right to petition"? 1st
67. Name three examples of intellectual property song, book, story, idea for a product you invented
68. Explain eminent domain when government take your private property for public use. The property of the owner must be paid fair market price.
69. Explain how the system of supply and demand works and how it effects prices. When supply is greater than demand, prices go down. Went demand is higher than supply, prices go up. Price always follows demand.
70. Name the 4 stages of a business cycle in correct order. 1. Expansion, 2. peak, 3. Recession, 4. Depression
Created by: acostavi
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