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History 5

Chapter 8

Madagascar is the ______ largest island in the world. 4th
Famous center of learning in Africa during the Middle Ages Timbuktu
1st recorded African Christian Ethiopian Eunuch
Man who had 10 churches carved from solid rock King Lalibela
Pioneer missionary who brought the gospel to the people living near the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa Robert Moffat
Greatest of all missionary explorers to Africa David Livingstone
"Smoke that thunders" Victoria Falls
Righteous chief of Batswanas Khama
Early church leader, boldly proclaimed that Jesus is God Athansius the Great
Writer of famous fables Aesop
1st black church bishop of Church of England Samuel Crowther
Missionary, Queen of the Cannibals Mary Slessor
Man who said, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" Henry Stanley
Greatest ancient civilization of Africa's interior was the Kingdom of ______ Cush
Africa's 1st and greatest Christian kingdom Aksum
1st black republic Liberia
Man-made waterway separating Africa and Asia Suez Canal
Narrow strait separating Europe and Africa Strait of Gibraltar
River that carries the 2nd largest volume of water Congo
Highest peak in Africa Mt. Kilamanjaro
level of sea waters sea level
long row of mountains mountain range
pointed top of mountain peak
inactive volcano dormant
highest peak of mountain summit
height above sea level altitude
world's highest peak Everest
North America's highest peak McKinley
Mountain climbed by daring mountaineers Matterhorn
Europe's highest peak Elbrus
Alp's highest peak Mont Blanc
Robert Moffat facts pioneer missionary from Scotland, ministered to people of southern Africa, served the Lord in Africa for 50 years, translated the Bible into tribal language
David Livingstone facts 1st European to see Victoria Falls, "found" by Henry Stanley, body was buried in England with honors, heart was buried in Africa
Mary Slessor facts Queen of the Cannibals, saved twin babies from death, raised 51 African children, Most of those children became pastors, teachers, or government officials
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