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6th History

Chapter 7

1st black woman writer in America to have a book published Phillis Wheatley
English evangelist who preached to great crowds from Georgia to New England during the Great Awakening George Whitefield
Puritan preacher who preached a series of sermons about salvation and was one of the 1st leaders of the Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards
What colony was 1st called New Netherlands by its Dutch settlers? New York
What colony was the site of the 1st log cabins in America, built by Swedish settlers? Delaware
What colony was established to create a safe haven for Quakers? Pennsylvania
What colony was the oldest English colony? Virginia
What colony was established to allow religious freedom for Catholics? Maryland
1st permanent European settlement in the New World St. Augustine
Colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh and remembered as "The Lost Colony." Roanoke
England defeated the ______Armada in 1588 Spanish
In ________ Jamestown was founded 1607
The 1st place separatists moved for religious freedom Holland
Pilgrims established their colony at Plymouth in what year? 1620
1st written agreement of self-government in America Mayflower Compact
The Ole' Deluder Satan Act was passed in 1647 in Massachusetts establishing the 1st ______ in America public schools
1st written constitution in America Fundamental Orders of Conneticut
Colonial Virginia's elected body of representatives House of Burgesses
The _______ brought settlers to Jamestown Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery
1st Indian to welcome Pilgrims Samoset
Georgia's 1st permanent settlement Savannah
1st Royal colony owned by King of England Virginia
South Carolina's 1st permanent settlement Charleston
Became capital of Virginia in 1699 Williamsburg
Lord Baltimore requested American land to begin this colony for English Catholics Maryland
The Ark and the Dove brought settlers here for religious freedom Maryland
Name of the colony that is now New York Netherland
Dutch Governor of New Netherland who was forced to surrender to the English Peter Stuyvesant
Swedes who settled in Delaware were first to build what type of home? log cabin
Society of Friends Quakers
Responsible for establishing a settlement at Philadelphia William Penn
Count von Zinzendorf was the leader of _______, a group active in missionary work Moravians
Indian who lived with the Pilgrims and helped them to survive Squanto
Man who claimed part of North America for England in 1497 John Cabot
One of the 1st missionaries spurred by the Great Awakening David Brainerd
1st Governor of Jamestown Lord De La Warr
Minister of colony at Plymouth Elder Brewster
2nd governor of Plymouth and the author of OF Plymouth Plantation William Bradford
Founded 1st colony to offer complete religious freedom in America Roger Williams
Conneticut born preacher who was one of the 1st leaders in the Great Awakening, he preached a series of sermons about salvation Jonathan Edwards
English evenagelist who preached thoughout the colonies, sometimes to 20,000 people at once George Whitefield
1st black woman in America to publish a book Phillis Wheatley
Hired to protect Pilgrims at Plymouth Capt. Miles Standish
Planned and directed the bulding of the 1st Georgian settlement James Oglethorpe
Married Pocahantus John Rolfe
Explain how some of the widespread ideas during the Great Awakening affected the American colonies and led to a desire for liberty and the War for Independence.
Created by: Chandler1314
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