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fort sumter controlled by union, but when north tried to send food, south attacked and fort surrendered
southern response virginia, arkansas, north carolina and tennessee joined south
border states missouri kentucky maryland delaware west virginia
the trent affair the north forcibly took 2 confederate diplomats off british ship, but britain threatened war so lincoln released them
laird rams britain built ramming ships to give to south but north threatened to attack canada so the ships were never delivered
Maxamilian sent to rule mexico from france
confederate president Jefferson Davis not very successful, south not always united
Lincoln not always popular, flexible, patient, able to bend rules
northern army north had volunteer army until 1860s then draft, but could pay 300$ to get out of army
irish americans started draft riots in nyc
southern army slave owners of at least 20 slaves didn't have to fight
200,000 deserters on both sides
womens role 33% of factory workers were women, at least 400 women posed as men to fight in war
Clara Barton developed nursing profession during war
morrill Tariff act high tarriffs in the north
bonds loans citizens make to governmetn (raised over 2 billion)
battle of bull run (1861) virginia union troops ran away as spectators watched
peninsula campaign (1861) northern army branch that fought near DC
General George Mcclellan in charge of peninsula campaign, overly cautious, tried to attack richmond, stalled and forced to retreat
northern strategy rule 1 blockade the south
rule 2 liberate the slaves in the south only
rule 3 seize the mississippi river
rule 4 attack the south in several different places
rule 5 take control of richmond VA
rule 6 force south into submission
merrimack vs monitor south tried to destroy blockade by building an iron ship called merrimack, north built the the monitor to fight merrimack, ships battled to a draw, but merrimack not successful in destroying blockade
second battle of bull run (1862) robert e lee attacked and defeated north, marched into border state maryland
antietam (1862) bloodiest day of war, battle was a draw but north stopped southern advances
emancipation proclamation (1863) all slaves in south declared free, not legal but changes purpose and character of war
chancellorsville (1863) south defeated north but stonewall jackson was killed
gettysburg 3 day battle in pennsylvania south lost
ulysses s grant became general of northern army in the west
vicksburd mississippi 1863 most successful battle for north, able to take control of mississippi river
william t sherman northern general in change of destroying georgia, burned down atlanta, tore apart railroad (did same in SC)
the union party war democrats joined republicans create new party
peace democrats and copper heads opposed lincoln
andrew johnson lincoln chose him as VP, earning him extra votes -democrat from tenn. who had been a slaveowner
democratic nomination general mcclellan
the wilderness campaign grant attacked lee in virginia , campaign lasted several months grant chad high northern casualites but refused to stop until war ended
appomattox april 1865 grant conquered lee at courthouse in virginia, lee surrendered
john wilkes booth assasinated lincoln in a theater 5 days after south surrenders
600,000 killed in war
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