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Foy Ch. 10 Test

What are regional differences based on? Where people live and the economy there.
What Massachusetts senator believed it was important to keep the nation united? Daniel Webster
What type of people supported Andrew Jackson? farmers, frontier settlers and slaveholders
What tribe resisted but was captured and forced to march to Indian Territory? Creek
Which man was Andrew Jackson’s Secretary of State and one of his strongest supporters? Martin Van Buren
What was a result of the Nullification Crisis? John C. Calhoun resigned from the office of Vice President.
How did the Cherokee try to prevent conflict with Americans? They adopted American culture.
You are a close friend of President Jackson’s. You and several other men meet around the table of the White House kitchen to discuss politics and give advice to the President. What is the name of the group you are in? Kitchen Cabinet
Why did the American government want to remove American Indians? Americans wanted the land to farm.
Why were Southerners against the Tariff of Abominations? It led to very high prices on imported manufactured goods.
What changes did state legislatures make in the early 1800’s that expanded democracy? They expanded voting rights, letting all white men vote.
What political party did Andrew Jackson run for in the election of 1828? Democratic Party
Who did Andrew Jackson defeat in the election of 1828? John Quincy Adams
Which American Indian group was led on the Trail of Tears? Cherokee
What man was the hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe who won the presidential election of 1840? William Henry Harrison
You are a poor white laborer and you have never had the right to vote because you don’t own land. After Andrew Jackson became president, new laws were created to allow you the right to vote! What are historians calling this time period? Jacksonian Democracy
What tribe negotiated a treaty for better supplies, but many died? Chickasaw
What image did Andrew Jackson promote to help him in the election of 1828? war hero
How did President Jackson feel about the Second Bank of the United States? He was strongly against it and vetoed its renewal.
You live in South Carolina and you are angry that the federal government has raised the tariffs on imported wool. South Carolina shouldn’t have to follow this tariff because it’s unconstitutional! What is this policy called? states' rights doctrine
Since the South didn’t have a lot of factories and depended on agriculture, what did they think about tariffs? They wanted to keep tariffs low so they could trade with Europe.
Who led his followers in the Second Seminole War in Florida? Osceola
How did President Jackson respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Worcester v. Georgia? He ignored the ruling.
Even though voting rights grew in the early 1800’s, what groups were still not given the right to vote? women, African Americans, Native Americans
Why did Martin Van Buren become unpopular after he was elected to President in 1836? He was blamed for the Panic of 1837
Because the North depended on manufacturing, what was their view on tariffs? They supported high tariffs on imported goods.
What did President Jackson do to reward his supporters? He gave them federal office positions.
You are a Choctaw Indian being forced by the American government to leave your home and march west to an unknown land set aside just for Native Americans. What is the name of this land? Indian Territory
What tribal leader of the Fox and Sauk fought instead of leaving Illinois, but was eventually forced out after running out of supplies? Black Hawk
What was the first tribe to be led to Indian Territory after losing 7.5 million acres of land to Mississippi and ¼ of their population? Choctaw
Created by: lfoy8290