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Canada is divided into two types of political areas called _______ and ______ provinces and territories
This area covers about 1/2 of Canada and is rich in resource such as iron ore, copper, nickel, gold and uranium. What is this area called. The Canadian Shield
Describe the Canadian Shield It is a large, rocky area that hugs (wraps around) the Hudson Bay
What is the importance of the St. Lawrence River /Seaway and the Great Lakes to trade in Canada? The St. Lawrence River/Seaway allows Central Canada to have access to Atlantic Ocean for trading.
What economic activity is located in the Interior Plains? large cattle ranches and farms
What are Canada's three major economic activities? Manufacturing, farming, service industry
What type of economy does Canada have? Mixed economy: Some industries are run by the government but more industries are privately owned.
In what way is Canada's economy more socialized than the US? Provinces provide healthcare to citizens paid for through taxes
Describe the trading relationship between the US and Canada? The US and Canada are each others' largest trading partners
What types of energy are produced in the Prairie Provinces? oil and natural gas
What causes acid rain in Canada? Factories, coal-burning power plants, cars, and trucks
Where is acid rain a problem in Canada? Southern part, especially Great Lakes region
In what area is water pollution a problem in Canada? Great Lakes region
What process is damaging the Canadian Shield? mining
Define clear cutting cutting all the trees in a given area, leaving large treeless gaps in the forest
What do all of the major fishing areas in Canada have in common? Coastal areas, southern part of the country
What do all of the major manufacturing areas in Canada have in common? Southeast region of the country, access to waterways
What do all of the major ranching areas in Canada have in common? Prairie Provinces (central Canada), southern part of the country
Many of the people of Quebec want to keep their _______ French culture and language
Canada's economy is based on a ____ free market economy
The______ was built by the U.S. and Canada to open the Great Lakes to ocean shipping the St. Lawrence Seaway
Canada's national leader is called the _____ prime minister
What created large low basins with many lakes and rivers? melting glaciers
The majority ethnic group in Quebec are the ____ French
What is a maritime province? It is a province that is on the water (a sea)
In Maritime Provinces, manufacturing and mining have replaced _______ fishing
Most Canadians live _______. Why? in southern Canada within 100 miles of the US border because the climate is milder
How was Canada's independence from Great Britain different from the United States? The Canadians gained independence peacefully
Why is NAFTA important for Canada? It is a trade treaty that removes trade barriers among member countries.
The head of government in Canada is the prime minister. The head of state in Canada is ___ the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom which is represented by the Governor General in Canada.
What is the importance of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River to the US and Canada? It is a major shipping/ trading route.
Why does Quebec want to be independent from Canada? Quebec feels that is French heritage separates it from Canada
What is Canada's legislature called? parliament
Whose government is Canada modeled after? Great Britain
What is specialization? When a country focuses on ONE task. Example: producing tires for cars.
What is the purpose of a tariff? to generate tax for the government
What is the purpose of a quota protect local industry and generate tax
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary democracy
Which countries does NAFTA include? Canada, US, Mexico
What is NAFTA? A free trade agreement; there are no trade barriers (tariffs, quotas, embargoes)
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