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U.S. History Study

final exam study guide

how many levels of the federal court system? three levels
what is naturalization? the legal process by which someone is granted citizenship
what is impeachment? formal accusation of misconduct in office against a public official
what is ratification? approval
what are the bill of rights? our natural human rights
what is the precinct captain? a volunteer who organizes party workers to distribute information about the party and its candidates
what is a petit jury? a trial jury
what is a grand jury? group who hears charges against a suspect
what is a platform? a statement of a political parties principles, beliefs and positions
what is a petition? an appeal
what are conventions? meetings held out of state
what was Marbury v. Madison? est. the precedent for federal courts to rule on the actions of the government
what are the qualifications of the senator? must be at least 30 years old -be a u.s. citizen for at least 9 years
who is the father of the constitution? James Madison
what powers do state governments have that national governments do not? declare war, print money
what form of government gives all powers to the nat. gov.? unitary
who did the founding fathers believe should have the vote to vote? each citizen
Created by: kravmaga2013