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A Child's Story of America ch1+2

Ch1 1. What wonderful event took place in the city of Chicago in the year 1893? a. the World's fair b. the World's Columbian Exposition
Ch1 2. In what year did the sailor named Columbus cross the Atlantic ?ocean and discover the New World? in 1492
Ch1 3. Who do historians believe was the first explorer to is it America in the year 1000? Leif Ericson
Ch1 4. Who finally helped Columbus raise the money he needed to buy ships and sailors? Queen Isabella of Spain
Ch1 5. Why did many people think that Columbus would never be able to sail across the "Sea of Darkness" and return safely? a) Some thought that ships would have to sail uphill to come back if the earth was round b) People thought there were places where the water would boil with the heat of the sun. c) Many were afraid of sea monsters that could swallow ships and men.
Ch1 6. In what year did Columbus die? in 1506
Ch2 1. What country in Europe first owned the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico? Spain
Ch2 2. What two English sailors, father and son, sailed to the New World and discovered new lands in North America? John and Sebastian Cabot
Ch2 3. The explorer Fernando de Soto sailed from what nation? Spain
Ch2 4. What was the old sailor named Ponce de Leon searching for when he traveled throughout the land we now call Florida? Fountain of Youth
Ch2 5. The land called America was named after what Italian explorer? Amerigo Vespucci
Created by: schoolfun