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US History

Unit 4 Pretest

Which president made the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Name two reasons Sacagawea was important to the Lewis & Clark Expedidion. translated, located food, gathered roots & berries for medicinal purposes, she & her baby were welcomed by Native Americans
What was manifest destiny? belief that Americans had a God-given right to move into the entire region between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
What was the Underground Railroad? men & women who helped slaves escape
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo establish? Texas & all Mexican lands to the Pacific Ocean belonged to America
What was the Oregon Trail overland route across the West to Oregon
Name one thing the Monroe Doctrine said. European nations would not colonize in the Western Hemisphere. US would not be involved in European affairs
Name 2 purposes of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. collect data on plants & animals, establish friendly relations with Native Americans, strengthen US claim in the Pacific Northwest
Name 2 reasons why railroads were important in the settling of the West allowed farmers to ship their products East, allowed factories to ship their products West, created jobs in the West
Why were Native Americans removed from the Southeast? land, gold, belief in the inferiority of Native Americans
Name one gain made during the 19th century women's movement. women gained control over their property, had partial custody of their children, public became aware of inequality issues
What was the importance of the Nullification Crisis? showed that the federal government was superior to state governments
Why was the steam boat an important invention? allowed ships to travel quickly upstream
What did the economy of the Northeast rely on? industry
What did the economy of the West rely on? agriculture
Created by: lmagnus
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