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US History

Unit 4 Questions

What 2 countries were the largest source of immigrants in the 1840s? Why? Ireland - potato blight and famine, Germany because of the Civil War
What 2 territories were negotiated for in France? New Orleans and Western Florida
Who made the Louisiana Purchase? How? Thomas Jefferson. right of the president to make treaties with other countries
What did the economy of the South rely on? plantations and large farms
What did the economy of the West realy on? small farms, agriculture
What did the economy of the Northeast rely on? industry
What was the Oregon Trail overland route across the West to Oregon
Where did the Oregon Trail begin? Independence, Missouri
Where did the Oregon Trail end? Willamette Valley, Oregon
What was another name given to the War of 1812? Second War for Independence
What animals were used by pioneers when traveling West horses, oxen, mules
What were the purposes of the Lewis & Clark Expedition? collect data on plants & animals, establish friendly relations with the Native Americans, strengthen the US claim to the Pacific Northwest
What was Andrew Jackson's policy toward Native Americans? Removal to land west of the Missippi
Where did Andrew Jackson remove them to? Oklahoma
Why were Native Americans removesd from the Southeast? land, gold, belief in their racial inferiority
What did the Missouri Compromise do? admitted Main as a free state, Missouri as a slave state and established the slave boundary
What gains were made during the 19rh century women's movement? control over property, partial custody of their children, public became aware of inequality issues
What effect did the cotton gin have on slavery? increased slavery because cotton could be de-seeded faster
What was the importance of the Nullification Crisis? showed that the federal government was superior to state governments
Why did New York Governor DeWitt Clinton want to create the Erie Canal? wanted New to prosper like New Orleans had
Why were railroads important in the settling of the West? allowed farmers and factories to ship their products
What was William Lloyd Garrison's purpose in using The Liberator? expose the evils of slavery
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo establish? Texas and all Mexican lands to the Pacific would belong to America
What was the Corrupt Bargain an agreement between Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams. It angered Jackson and his supporters.
Why was the steam boat an important invention? allowed ships to travel quickly upstream
What hardships faced the pioneers? weather, drudgery of walking, no water, illness
What was Jefferson's fear about how France could use New Orleans? France could control US shipping on the Mississippi River
Most streams and waterways in the West led to the Mississippi River
What two bodies of water did the Erie Canal connect? Lake Erie, Hudson River
What site was important in the women's movement in 1848 Seneca Falls
What city was captured by the British during the War of 1812? The White House in Washington D.C.
Created by: lmagnus