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Unit 4 People and Vocabulary

Thomas Jefferson 3rd US President, made the Louisiana Purchase
Andrew Jackson US President, army general who forced Native Americans out of Florida
Sojourner Truth former slave, outspoken against slavery & inequality of women
William Lloyd Garrison founded American Anti-Slavery Society, exposed evils of slavery
James K. Polk US President during Mexican American War, favored expansion
Sacagawea Charbonneau's wife, traveled with Lewis and Clark
Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner
DeWitt Clinton Governor of New York, built the Erie Canal
James Madison US President during the War of 1812
Harriet Tubman former slave, "conductor" of tyhe Underground Railroad, helped slaves escape
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin
manifest destiny belief that Americans possessed a God-given right to move into entire region between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Underground Railroad group of people who helped slaves escape
assimilation the process of taking another culture's customs
mass production new method of factory production where workers focused on one task
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