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Civil war vocab

Section (Sectional) divided into peices the noth section of the united states did not support slavery
Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery above the parallel 36°30′ north in the western territories The Missouri Compromise temporarily contained slavery.
Compromise of 1850 series of bills passed after Mexican-American War The fugitive slave act and adding california as a free state were parts of the Compromise of 1850.
Fugitive Slave Act Any runaway slave found in the north would be returned to their rightful owner The Fugitive Slave act was abused to capture free men and put them into slavery.
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 effectively repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 allowing popular sovereignty the Kansas-Nebraska Act caused a lot of fighting over if a state would be free or allow slaves.
Popular Sovereignty people (white men) were allowed to vote and determine if a state would allow slavery Popular Sovereignty did not work well, because number of votes was three times the population of the state.
Nullify invalidate a presidential veto nullifies a law
Turner's rebellion a slave rebellion that killed around 60 people in south hampton Virginia. Turner's rebellion was the first sign that slavery would end violently
Abolitionist Movement People who wanted the end of slavery the abolitionist movement was one of the main causes of the civil war
Seneca Falls Convention a womens rights convention in 1848 the seneca falls convention was ignored and women did not gain suffrage
Suffrage the right to vote women did not gain suffrage after the civil war even though they worked closely with the abolitionist movement
Dredd Scott v. Sanford a court case that states that slaves are property thatr cannot be taken away the Dredd Scott case made slaves seem like objects instead of people.
Fort Sumter the place of the first battle in the civil war. Fort Sumter was the start of the civil war
secede to break away the south seceded from the union in the civil war.
Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the south abraham loncoln issued the emacipation proclamation
Gettysbug address speach given by Loincoln after the battle of gettysburg the gettysburg address was one of the most succint speaches ever given
Reconstruction the era after the civil war in the US most of american industrialization happened durring reconstruction
Radical Republicans Republicans that highly distrusted the confederates after they were allowed back into the union Radical republicans wanted harsh punishments for the south after the civil war
13th amendment Abolished slavery in america slaves are illegal in the US because of the 13th amendment
14th amendment protected rights for all citizens ex-slaves were given full rights through the 14th amendments
15th amendment gives all men the right to vote freed slave men can vote because of the 15th amendment, but women were left out
compromise of 1877 the southern democrats would vote republican in the electoral college for the 1876 election the republicans and democrats would have tied in the 1876 presidential election if it were not for the compromise of 1877
Transcontinental Railroad Rairoad that went from the east coast to the west coast the transcontinental railroad connected the east to the west and alloe=wed more people to move to california
Confederate states of america what the south called themselves during the civil war The CSA rebeled against the USA in the American Civil war
Tariff Tax on imported goods and services The high tariffs made it difficult for the foriegn companies to make money.
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