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Wars in USA

Who was on the USA side during World War 1 France, Itlay, Great Britian
Who was our emenies during World War 1 Germany, Japan, Austria-Hungry
When did the Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor. Date, Day, and Year December 7, 1942
Who was fighting for freedom during the 1960s-1975 Martin Luther King, Malcom X, John F Kenddy
When did World War 2 Start and End 1939(Start)- 1945(End)
What was the longest war that went on. Hint We were all born around the 1995 and up. Think about the war that is still going on. Afghanistan (Also excepted Iraq)
Where did World War 2 location or where did they fight at. Hint 10 Places Europe, Pacific, Altanic, South-East Asia, China, Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa, North and South America.
What collapse during World War 2 and it was a result of it. Collapse of the Third Riech
What War begin Shortly after the ending of World War 2 The Cold War
When did World War 1 begin and End. You can tell the month or the date but the year is the only thing you need. July 18, 1914 (Begin) November 11, 1918 (End) Also Corrected 1914(begin) 1918(End)
What was one of the Result do the World War 1. Hint Which Empires ended German, Russian, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungrian Empires
When did the American Resloutiion begin and end 1775(Start)- 1783(End)
What was an result of the American Resloutin. Hint something good happen to the US at that time. American Indepednce or Peace of Paris
Who was on the USA side during the American Resolution France, Spain, and Dutch Republic
Who was our Emenemy during the American Resolution Great Britian (Loyalistis and German auxiliaries)
Name at least 4 Commanders who was during the American Reslotuin and was on our Side George Washington, Nanthanael Greene, Horatio Gates, Richard Montgomery, Daniel Morgan, Henrgy Knox, and Benedict Arnold
When did the Spanish- American War having a conflict. What year 1898
What places did the Spanish-American War go to or fight at Cuba, Puerto Rico, Phillippines, and Guam
What was the six result during the Spanish-American War. Treaty of Paris, American Victory, Protectorate over Cuba, Collapse of the Spainsh Empire, Gerenation, of '98 among Spanish intellectuals, and the Outbreak of the Phillippine-American War
Who was our partners during the war and who was our enemies during the Spanish-American War. Our Partners (Cuba, Phillippne Repblic, and Katipunan) Our Emeny (Spain)
When did the Phillippne American War Started and Ended. 1899-1902
Where was the war fought at Phillippines, and Southeast Asia
When was the Cold war often dated from. 1947-1991
When did the Korean war start and ended 1950-1953
Where was the fighting grounds or places during the war Korean War Korean Peninsula, Sea of Japan, Korea Strait
Who was the Anti-Communist during the Korean War South Korea, USA, United Nations, and the United Kingdom
Who was the Communist during the Korean War North Korea, China, and the Soveit Union
When did the Vietnam war start and end 1956-1975
Where was the location during the Vietnam War. South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand
What was the result during the Vietnam War. Communist goverments take power in South Vitenam Cambodia,and Laos. South Viteam is annexed by North Viteam
Who was the Anti- Comunist during the Vietanm War. South Vietam, The USA, South Korea, Austria, Thailand, New Zenland, Khmer Repblic, Kindgom of Laos
Who was the Communist during the Vietanm War. North Viteam, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, and Pathet Lao
When did the Mexico American War start and end 1846-1848
Where was the locations to the Mexico American War. Texas, New Mexico, Calfionia, Northern Central, Eastern Mexico, and Mexico City
What was the results after the Mexico American War. US victory, Treaty of Gu
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