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8.1 & 8.2


John Marshall 1) Early chief justice of the Supreme Court 2)Federalist 3)His decisions strengthened the Federal Gov't
Midnight Judges Nickname for group of Federalists John Adams tried to appoint at the last minute before leaving office
Marbury vs. Madison 1)Supreme Court case 2)John Marshall was the chief justice 3)Dealt with the midnight judges 4)Established judicial review
Judicial Review 1)The power of the federal courts to decide if laws and actions follow the Constitution. 2)This was established in Marbury vs. Madison
Louisiana Purchase 1)Tract of land bought from France during Jefferson 2)Doubled the size of the U.S. 3) Gave U.S. complete control of the Mississippi
Thomas Jefferson 1)3rd president of the U.S. 2) Anti-federalist 3)Louisiana Purchase 4)Barbary Pirates
Lewis and Clark 1)Sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory 2)They were sent to the Pacific to lay U.S. claims in Oregon
Barbary Pirates 1) U.S. paid $ for protection 2)Jefferson used the navy to clear them from Mediterranean 3)Used navy as foreign policy tool
Impressment Britain taking U.S. sailors off ships and forcing them to serve in British navy
James Madison 1)4th president 2)Anti-Federalist 3)"Father of the Constitution" 4)War of 1812
Andrew Jackson 1)Hero of the battle of New Orleans 2)This helped him become president
War of 1812 1)Fought against Britain 2)Sometimes called the 2nd war for independence 3)Was a draw
Star Spangled Banner 1)National anthem of the U.S. 2)Written during the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent 1) Document that ended the War of 1812 2)Declared the war a draw 3)No one gained or lost anything 4)Helped us become allies with Britain
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