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What area surrounding the Hudson Bay contains many minerals? Canadian Shield
Why are minerals important to Canada's economy? They are valuable exports
What physical feature in Western Canada is a great source of timber (and mining)? Rocky Mountains
What resources do the provinces of Alberta, Sasketchewan and Manitoba provide? Farmland and oil
Why is the St. Lawrence River/Seaway important to Canada's economy? It connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and allows large ocean liners to make the journey, making trade easier.
What are the primary environmental problems in the Great Lakes region of Canada? Water and air pollution (acid rain)
Who, besides Canada, is responsible for much of the water and air pollution in the Great Lakes? The United States
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.
Who is the head of the government in Canada? Prime Minister
Who represents the Queen in Canada and performs her day to day ceremonial duties? Governor general
How is Quebec's culture different from the rest of Canada? Its culture is primarily french. They speak French and practice the Roman Catholic religion, rather than speaking English and practicing Protestantism
Where do most people live in Canada and why? In the south (near US) because it is warmer. The population is most heavily concentrated in the southern parts of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario because of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River which make trade easy and provide manufacturing jobs.
What are 4 reasons that Canada is a leader in world trade? Surrounded by 3 oceans Many lakes and waterways Near the US Many natural resources
Why do some in Quebec want to secede from Canada? Some of its people feel the French culture is being lost and they want to protect/maintain it.
What is NAFTA? The North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico that eliminated tariffs among the countries.
What are the four major environmental problems in Canada? Mining, Air Pollution and Acid Rain, Water Pollution in the Great Lakes, Clear-cutting/Excessive loggin
What are the people in Quebec who want independence from Canada known as? Separatists
How many provinces and territories does Canada have? 10 provinces; 3 territories
What is a term used to described a person (or country) that speaks two languages? Bilingual
How is Canada working to protect its environment, including forests and lakes? Making laws to prevent environmental damage (for example, not allowing clear cutting forests, requiring replanting of trees, and preventing dumping waste in lakes)
This was built to make access between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic ocean easier The St. Lawrence Seaway (a series of locks and canals on the St. Lawrence River)
Who is Canada's official head of state? Constitutional Monarch (Queen Elizabeth II)
Why is Canada officially a bilingual country? Because both France and England colonized parts of the country
How does Canada's location make trade easy? Its location on three oceans makes trading its goods with other countries around the world very easy
What happened in the 1995 referendum (vote) on Quebec's sovereignty (ability to govern itself independently)? The measure was narrowly defeated, keeping Quebec a part of Canada
What has been positive outcome of NAFTA? Trade between Canada, the US and Mexico increased.
What has been a negative effect of NAFTA? Outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to Mexico has occurred, resulting in some job loss in America and Canada.
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