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Chapter 7: The Constitution

Preamble the introduction of the Constitution
Legislative Branch makes laws
bicameral system 2-house legislative. states: House of Representative and Senate
House of Representative 2-year term. 25 years old; U.S. citizen for 7 years Resident of the state they represent Membership based on population
Senate 6 year term 30 years old; U.S. citizen for 9 years resident of the state they represent Membership - same number per state (2)
Head of the Senate Vice President
President pro tempore presides if VP is absent
Veto the president opposes the bill
Powers of Congress collect taxes, borrow money, regulate trade, coin money, establish post officers, declare war, raise, support armies
Naturalization processed by which a foreign-born person gains citizenship
bankruptcy debtor declared unable to pay creditors
counterfeiting making copies of something illegally
copyrights protects authors from having their works copied
patents prevents inventors from having their ideas taken
Writ of habeas corpus must be charged with a crime before being jailed
Bill of attainder permits punishment without a trail, but it's not allowed in the Constitution
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