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Rev. Wr

What was the first Continental Congress and what did it accomplish? The first Continental congress was the panel deciding on American- Britan Affairs. They decided they would meet in one year, signed the declaration of rights, and all colonies would be united if an attack were to occur
Describe the ride of Paul Revere. Describe what happened in Lexington and Concord. Paul Revere went along a trail warning the militia about the redcoats' impending attack. Lexington was where the first shots were fired, while the British retreated at Concord.
What were minutemen? redcoats? Minutemen were colonial militia men ready to fight at a moments notice. Redcoats were British Soldiers.
Describe the Second Continental Congress and it's major accomplishments. The Second Continental Congress was the Second meeting of the Continental Congress. They established the Continental Army and Washington as it's commander. They also sent the Olive Branch Petition as a last attempt at peace.
Describe the battle of Bunker Hill. The battle of Bunker hill was when Britain attacked the Patriots at Bunker Hill. Patriots lost, but this battle showed that Patriots were able to take on Britain.
Describe the Battle of Fort Ticgondera and Dorchester Heights. Patriot Forces captured the heavy artillery in Fort Ticgondera and transferred them to Dorchester Heights, where Patriot Forces set up a small dugout overnight. When British Commander Howe woke up, he surrendered Boston to the Patriots.
What is Common Sense and how did it affect the Colonists? Common Sense is a Pro- Patriot phamplet by Thomas Paine. This explained to Colonists why we should split from Britan. It affected the colonists because it persuaded more to be patriots.
What is the declaration of independence? Who Wrote it? The declaration of independence is the document declaring our official split from Britan. Thomas Jefferson wrote this.
Who is left out of the Declaration of independence? Why did the Continental Congress not want mention of slavery in the declaration? Slaves, Women, and Indians are left out of the declaration. Slavery is not mentioned because the Southern states would not have signed it.
How did women and African Americans support the revolutionary war effort. Women would become spies, nurses, and they ran farms while their husbands were fighting. African A
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