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Rosa Parks Refused to give up her bus seat to a white person and got arrested
Woodrow Wilson Progressive movement,28th president 1902-1910 prince to university Presidential term 1913-1921.
Extermination Camp Send here to die.
Concentration Camp Sent to work when weak sent to extermination camp.
Gheto Walled part of city to keep jews and others in.
John Jay Federalist, first chief justice negotiator, govner of New York.
Andrew Carnegie (GOSPEL OF WEALTH ) ask rich people to improve society to start businesses.
Urbanization Influence american life, industrialization,high society,working class.
Tenements Substandard,tenancy,appartment,multi-family
Henry Cabot Lodge Republican,senator,historian,slim(nickname).
Child labor Children working in factories,farms,unhealthy working conditions,under age of 16.
Joseph Pulitzer Journalist,publisher,loyal,smart
Trench Warfare "NO MAN'S LAND";enemy lines.WWI,artillery barrages.
Free Enterprise Few restictions on trade and business.
General John J. Pershing General,officer,army,WWl.
Woodrow Wilson Smart,28th president,brave,serious.
26th Amendment Prohibits the states and the federal from setting a voteing age higher that 18.
W.E.B Dubois Socialist.author,activist,panaafricanist.
Settlement House Neighborhood house,reform institutions,under privileged people,temporary home.
Jane Addams Pioneer, social worker,leader,sociologist.
Mark Twain Author,tom slawyer,huck finn,samuel langhorne clemens.
George Marshall GCB,chief of staff in army,secretary of state,secetary of defense.
Douglas Macauthur American General,field marshall,chief of staff,played aprominent role.
Mendez v. Westminster The Equal Protection.
Brown v. Board of Education Merged black and white schools.
Delgado v. Bastop I.S.D Segregation of Mexican Americans.
Flapper Girls that wore short dress,partyed and did drugs.
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