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Week 14 Texas Weekly

Week 14 Texas Weekly Reader

convention A convention is a formal meeting
revolution A revolution is an organized fight against the government
immigrant An immigrant is a person who moves to a new region or country
empresario An empresario is a person who brought settlers into a colony, divided the land, and made sure people obeyed the law
militia A militia is a group of volunteer soldiers
right A right is a freedom
The Runaway Scrape RUNAWAY SCRAPE was the flight from their homes when Antonio López de Santa Anna began his attempted conquest of Texas in February 1836
rebellion A rebellion is to go against someone or something like a revolution
independence independence is freedom
benefits benefits is an assistance from someone or from something.
dictator A dictator is a ruler who does not rule through democratic means.
Santa Anna Santa Anna was the President and dictator of Mexico during Texas revolution, who lost against Texas militia.
Samuel "Sam" Houston Samuel "Sam" Houston was The first and third President of the Republic of Texas, U.S. Senator for Texas after it joined the U.S.A., and finally as a governor of the state.
Stephen F. Austin Stephen F. Austin was an American Empresario. He was known as the Father of Texas, led the second, but first legal and ultimately successful colonization of the region by bringing 300 families from the United States.
leather stockings The leather stockings were frontiersmen and mountain men
Created by: pacarril