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History Ch. 21

She was one of the major victims of the reign of terror Marie-Antoinette
this was the name given to the monarchy during the period of the 3 estate system old regime
napoleans blockade on english trade throughout europe was known by this name continental system
this was the upper class of the third estate that often included: doctors, lawyers, and businessmen bourgeoisie
Louis XV ruled france for this amount of time 59 years
name taken by the third estate after their refusal to work with the estates general national assembly
the french prison that was stormed and looted by peasants and middle-class protesters after Louis XVI moved troops to Paris Bastille Prison
the name given to the people's army that was headed by general lafayette national guard
document adopted by the national assembly that stated that all men are created equal and remain equal and remain equal before the law declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen
this political party felt that the revolution had gone far enough and wanted to have a king with limited authority conservatives
this king of france tried to flee Paris by disguising himself and his family, in order to get help from foreign governments Louis XVI
this political party wanted more drastic changes to the french government and often argued for a republic form of government radicals
the legislative assembly disbanded to form this meeting of delegates national convention
these two groups emerged as the major political associations in France at the national convention girondins and jacobins
this organization was established to help run the french military and protect the country, as well as, improve the internal functions of the french government committee of public safety
this is another name for a military draft conscription
he was the leader of the reign of terror that eventually was killed because he wanted to go too far with his revolution robespierre
the name of the government that was created by the constitution of 1795 the directory
overthrowing the government through military power coupdetat
the name given to the first 5 years of napoleans rule plebiscite
name given to the statutory laws of france under napoleans rule napolionic code
this country refused to follow the continental system and napoleon tried and failed to conquer them because of this refusal Russia
british commander of the allied forces that defeated napoleon for the last time duke of wellington
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