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AP US History

How did politics change in mid-1820s Political conflict seen as good, new political parties, cater to the common man
Corrupt Bargain Clay elected Adams to be president and few days later was appointed as secretary of state, some said he bribed into that position
Why wasn't John Quincy Adams liked? Disliked because of the "corrupt bargain" also disliked by insiders because he wouldn't do more corrupt deals
What did Jacksons followers see him? the saw him as a hero for the common man, a poor farmer
Spoils System the political supporters were rewarded positions in office
Pros of high Tariffs Protect against European goods competition, home industries were flushing
Cons of high Tariffs Raised process on Americans were raised
South Carolina Exposition Protest against the Taffif of Abomination, said it was unjust and unconstitutional
what did compromise for taraffis did clay reach? the great compromiser, reduced the tarrif by 10%
Force Bill passed by Jackson and congress, gave president right to use the army and navy to collect taxes if needed
Worcester vs. Georgia recognizes the right of the natives, however Jackson doesn't care and takes them out of thier land
Trail of Tears/Indian removal act transport Indians to west of Mississippi river, many died on the way over
Mculloch vs. Maryland An attempt by Maryland to destroy a branch of the bank of the US by imposing tax. Outcome:only congress is allowed to impose tax
Deism reason rather than revelation, science rather than the bible, they did believe in a higher power who created everything
why were Mormons persecuted believed in polygamy
problems with public education small school houses, too many grades in one room, school teachers were ill-trained
cult of domesticity women were forced to stay home and not work
Seneca Falls Convention proposed a declaration that men and women were created equal
William Harrison term his term was short because he died quickly of pneumonia
John Tyler (democratic tendencies) only a whig because he hated jackson, aganist everything whigs stood for (pro-bank, pro-tarrifs, pro-internal imporovements)
Webster-Ashburton Treaty negotitates the Maine border, britian got less land, but won a desired route
Manifest Destiny the people feeling a mission to expand because God wanted them to
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo America gained Texas, more land in Oregon, and california,& claims, for 15 million
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