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Unit 3 Questions

What document established the first US government? the Articles of Confederation
What were the Federalist Papers? newspaper articles in support of the new Constitution
Where was the Constitutional Convention helr? Philadelphia
What did the Supreme Court establish in the case of Marbury v Madison? principle of judicial review
What document guarantees the basic freedoms we enjoy? the Bill of Rights
From where did the America get its ideas about government? Ancient Greece & Rome, Great Britain
What is the highest court in the US? Supreme Court
What was the impact of the Shays Rebellion? shows government under the Articles of Confederation need to be changed
Before a bill becomes law it must pass both the . . . House of Representatives and Senate
What was the significance of the Whiskey Rebellion? showed that the new government could act decisively
Why did Antifededaralists oppose the Constitution? felt the new government had too much power
What did the US move the capotal from North to the South South did not want the national government to pay off all of the individual state debts from the Revolutionary War
How is it possible to lose the nation-wide popular election and still become president? the Electoral College elects the president
What is the basic principle of the Social Contract theory? government exists because of the free will of men and exists to serve the wishes of individuals
Name the two houses of Congress. Senate, House of Representatives
What has the Constitution been able to last so long? flexible, can be amended
How many Senators are there? 100
How many Representatives are there? 435
What is term of office for a senator 6 years
What is term of office for a Representative 2 years
What is the term of office for the President? 4 years
What is the term of office for a Supreme Court Justice? lifetime
Created by: lmagnus