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INR refers to Blood coagulability
INR refers to Blood coagulability
INR in normal people / healthy people 4
INR goal # 2 - 4
INR target range in patients taking blood thinners 2 - 4
bleeding risk is too high if INR is > 4
clotting risk is to high if INR < 2
NAC (N-acetyl cystine) especially useful for lung conditions
Isonizid is used to treat TB
a peak flow meter (PFM) can't detect what Restricted lung volume
to compare a patient PFM result to normal you don't need pt weight
obstructive lung disease reduced air flow rate
restrictive lung Dz reduced FVC
premature birth before 37 weeks
Asthma 'rescue meds' SABA
Bakis/Dicholtz study study of HTN
Atopic Dz = ______ Dz Allergic
positive mantoux test exposed to TB & Induration (hardens) greater than or = to 10mm
minimal period of antibiotics for treating TB 6 months
introduction of drugs in 1994, linked to tousands of asthma deaths LABA
healthy BMI 19 - 25
hypotesion no definition of to low of BP
Bakris / dickholtz study adjusted what segment C1
Asthma control test? 5 items
24 yr old w/ productive cough for 10 days, malaise, no fever in January Bronchitis
6 mo old w/ SOB, wheezes, crackles, temp=99 recebt cikd Sx RSV (during winter/little kids/ airways are small so easily obstructed)
research demonstrated it can reduce exercise induced asthma & inflammatory markers in blood fish oil
excess weight in males excess weight in females waist > 40" waust > 35"
murmur, valsalva is louder pathologic murmur
SABAs reduce this component of asthma oathophysiology smooth mm contraction
RSV Bronchiolitis
Alpha 1-antitrypsin defeciency COPD
surfactant deficiency IRDS (infant respitory distress syndrome)
Cor pulmonale c/b heart/ lungs usually c/b COPD (heart Dz c/b lung Dz
M/C/C of sudden death in high school sports HCM hypertropic cardio Myelopathy
M/C/C of death in COPD pneumonia
M/C/C of death in cystic fibrosis pneumonia
Apgar score declines as time passes ERDS
Alpha 1-antitrypsin produced where Liver
race linked Dz Cystic fibrosis
most pt in Bakis/Dickholtz recieved __ # adjustments one
most pt with asthmna will do better if you also treat them for chronic subacute Sinusitis
NOT hypertension (which one isn't > 140/ >90
surface antigen of 1918 spanish flu virus ? H1N1 ?
Which finding indicates obstruction FEV1 = < 70% of predicted
which finding indicates restriction (dec lung volume) FVC = 65% of predicted
majority of lung clots that can kill you happen where leg / thigh veins
more likely in influenza that in pneumonia low back ache
annual flu vaccine in currently recommended for all people over 6 month of age
TB is most prevalent in SE Asia & southern 2/3 of Africa
predicted PFM 550L/Min measure = 510 L/min Conclusion normal air flow (70% of predicted)
predicted FVC = 4.8L measured FVC = 3.5 L Conclusion normal flow
use of oral contraceptives increase risk for lung clots by increasing blood coaguability
spontaneous pneumothorax happens in Tall male
Abnormal lipid level of LDL LDL > 130
L : S ratio important in IRDS
pilocarpine iontophoresis (sweat test) used to detect CF
Flu vaccine is annual b/c virus is capable of rapid change via Antigenic shift (sudden) (drift is slow)
which typifies pneumonia consolidation
m/c bug causing pneumonia Strep. Pneumoniae
percussion over consolidated lungs is Dull
vocal fremitus over consolidated lungs increased (sounds bc dull increase vibration caused by consolidation
normal peripheral breath sounds longer inspiration (hockey stick)
lung sounds in asthma is wheeze and prolonged expiration
lung sounds are abnormal if extra sounds are present and if ???
which spirometry measurement addresses useful lung volume FVC
pursed lips breathing COPD
blue bloaters chronic bronchitis
pink puffers empysemia
RSV in a 15 yo cold symptoms
40 yo male non-smoker w/ COPD Alpha 1-antitrypsin defeciency
NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) treatment for lung Dz
which 2 are prsent at the time of birth IRDS, CF
which 2 may lead to IRDS maternal Diabettes & multiple fetuses
pre-natal treatment to prepare 32 week fetus lungs for birth/ breathing Corticosteriods
overall 5 yr survival rate for lung CA about 10% (closer to 13%)
lung CA : which stage has best prognosis stage 1
hyaline membrane Dz AKA IRDS
antiviral agent for treating high risk patient who has flu Amantadine
Increases in amniotic fluid near end of full term pregnancy Lecithin
Bakris/Dickholtz : Effects of an adjustment on BP lasted 8 weeks
all statin drugs are derivatives of this Red Yeast Rice
CPAP can cause (continous positive Airway Pressure) Pneumothorax tx
pilocarpine iontophorisis CF diagnosis
Pleurodesic Pneumothorax tx
sympathitics to lungs arise from T1-5
pleuritic chest px (location) Anterior, Lower, Lateral
CF primary impact on these systems Pulmonary (mucus in Lungs & GI (blockage of pancreatic enzymes (mal-absorption))
perfussion scans = diagnostic for Pulmonary Embolism
FEF25-75 is better than FEV1 to detect mild asthma
CF most common in Caucasions (least common in Asians)
overuse of SABA & LABA causes deterioration in asthma T/F True
Best way to measure dyspnea (SOB) pt self rating on visual analog scale(1-10)
best way to verify abnormal lung function spirometer
NOT part of care in pt w/ lung clot Pleurodesis
Pleurodesis tx for Pneumothorax
Harrisons Groove happens in Rickets & childhood asthma
Orthopnea occurs in all except Influenza
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