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American Politics

What is problem identification? Being able to identify and define the problem in bsuch a manner that it recieves attention that leads to political action
What is policy formulation? the crafting of an appropriate and acceptable proposed course of action to resolve public problems
What is policy adoption? the approval of a policy proposal by the people with the requisite authority, such as a legislature
What is policy implementation? the process of carrying out public policy through governmental agencies and the courts
What is policy evaluation? the process of determining whether a course of action is achieving its intended goals
Incrementalism the manner in which the majority of American public policies and programs are developed and implemented
Focusing Event an event that allows for non-incremental changes
Sunset Clause clause in a law that establishes a built in termination date unless otherwise extended by a new law
What is the California population? 38 million
What is the Hispanic population in California? 38%
What is the Asian population in California? 13%
What is the African American population in California? 6.2%
How many members in the California state assembly? 80 members
How long is a California state assembly member's term? 2 year term
Who leads the California state assembly? led by speaker of the assembly
How many people does a California state assembly member represent? approx 500,000 people
How many members in the California state senate? 40 members
How long is a California state Senator's term? 4 year term
Who leads the California state senate? led by president pro tem
How many people does a California state Senator represent? about 1 million people
What is the term limit total for California legislators? 12 year term limit
Carpetbagging term given to a politician who moves to another legislative district in order to run for public office
How long is the California governor's term? 4 year term
What is the term limit for the California governor? 2 term limit
The California governor is one of ____ state-wide elected executive officials. 8
How many members in the California supreme court? 7 members
Three types of direct democracy initiative, referendum, recall
What is prop 13? Jarvis-Grann initiative
What is prop 209? ended affirmative action in government functions
What is prop 187? anit-illegal immigration
What is prop 8? banned gay marriage
What are sub governments? counties, special districts, cities
How many counties in California? 58 counties
What county has the largest population? Los Angeles
What is the largest county? San Bernardino
What does every county have? a board of supervisors 5 members, 4 year term
What is California's three levels of higher education? Community College, California State University, University of California
What are two types of elections? at-large elections and district-based elections
What does NIMBY stand for? Not in my backyard
What is a Lakewood Plan? a contractual agreement in which the city outsources services such as fire protection or law enforcement to the county
Walmartization the displacement of better jobs by lower paying jobs with little or no benefits. creates more pressure on the local and state government for social services previously provided by employers
Zoning regulation of land use established by the local government with concerns to the type of building such as residential or business
Eminent Domain the legal right of the state to appropriate private property without the owner's consent if it is used for a public purpose
Gentrification the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents
What is the Bracers Program? historical agreement between the United States and Mexico which allowed migrant workers to legally enter and work in the United States
Nativism political movement incorporating anti-immigrant and xenophobic beliefs
What is the War Powers Act? law passed that limits the Presidents use of troops in combat for only 60 days unless Congressional approval is given
What are two types of approaches to the use of military forces? hawk and dove
Grand Strategy the choices a government makes to balance and apply its economic, military, diplomatic, and other nation resources to preserve thir people and territory
Exit Strategy a set of criteria that must be met before military forces are withdrawn
What part of the world will use large scale US forces in combat? Korea
What are three historical paradigms? Munich: you have to confront dictators and aggression early...Vietnam: the war is unpopular, unsupportable, unwinable...Pearl Harbor: can't be caught off guard or unprepared
What are weapons of mass destruction? nuclear, biological, chemical
What two countries are most likely to have a nuclear war? India and Pakistan
What is Mutually Assured Destruction? where one nation would have enough nuclear forces remaining to destroy another even if the other nation attacked first
Hegemonic Structures unipolar, bipolar, multipolar
What are two types of stances concerning foreign relations? interventionist and isolationist
Genocide the killing of people by government because of their indelible group membership
Politicide the murder of any people by the government because of their politics or for political purpose
Democide the murder of any person or people by a government including genocide and politicide
Malthusian Hypothesis hypothesis exposing that overpopulation will outrun food supply
What is the current world population? over 7 billion
Failed States a central government so weak that it has little practical control over its territory and suffers from widespread corruption and crime
Created by: sarahhemileee
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