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1920s test


what caused the red scare bolshevik revolution- communists coming to the us to take over- if they can do it in russia, why not here
attourney general palmer believed he should protect the american public from who communists
immigration act of 1924 determined how many immigrants would get into the us 2% of each group from the 1890 census
sacco & vanzetti were charged with what crime robbery & murder
why were they (s & v) found guilty? anarchy & immigrants
why did the kkk grow so much from 1915 to 1925 "Birth of a Nation" immigration was increasing, the war increased anti immigration feelings
why did temperance organizations want prohibition stop family violence (drunkness)
organized crime led to violence because people were protecting their places that had alcohol
fundamentalists believed the bible should be taken how literally
the ford model t was made more efficiently where on the assembly line
harlem renaissance was when who made noteworthy art and literature blacks
19th amendment was women's suffrage
what changed about the kkk between the 1800s and the 1900s the 1800s group was against northerners and wanted southern reconstruction, the 1900s group were against nonwhite influences
what was welfare capitalism business owners tried to reduce unionism
immigration act used what 3% and 1910 census
what was the volstead act gave the 18th amentment its teeth and closed any loopholes
what were anti saloon leagues led by religious groups who wanted to reduce alcoholism, drew upon an anti german sentiment
what was the ACLU american civil liberties union, promised to defend any teacher willing to challenge the law
who did the evolution thing john scopes
the most famous trial lawyer of the era clarence darrow
the guy who challenged scopes william jennings bryan
what was the result of the trial scopes was found guilty and fined $100
what do anarchists want less government power
babe ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927 and was a part of murderers row
ty cobb georgia peach, 892 stolen bases
jack dempsey world heavyweight champ
red grange galloping ghost, univ of illinois, football
johnny weissmuller first to swim 100 meter inn under one minute, won five medals, portrayed tarzan
gertrude ederle swam the english channel at 19 years old
bill tilden first american to win the wimbledon
helen wills won wimbledon in 1927
clara bow the it girl, 46 silent films and 11 talkies, personified the 20s
rudolph valentino latin lover, male sex symbol, silent film star
charlie chaplin the little tramp, comedic silent films
charles lindbergh transatlantic journey by plane, flew from new york city to paris
louis armstrong satchmo, scat, jazz solo improv
duke ellington piano player/ orchestral leader, 1920s jazz, played at the cotton club
bessie smith empress of the blues, jazz vocalist
Created by: lieren13e