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Ch. 19 History

Sussex Pledge promised with certain conditions to sink no more merchant ships without warning
Black Hand nickname of the Serbian nationalist group that the assassin that killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife was a member of
Bernard Baruch appointed to run the War Industries Board
John Pershing was sent, along with 6,000 U.S. troops, by Wilson across the border to find and capture Pancho Villa
Ferdinand Foch supreme commander of the Allied forces, ordered massive counterattacks all along the front
Pancho Villa led a group of guerrillas that burned the town of Columbus, New Mexico, and killed a number of Americans
Espionage spying to acquire secret government information
Vladimir Lenin the leader of the Bolshevik Party, overthrew the Russian government and established a Communist government
Liberty Bonds to raise the money it needed, the government borrowed more than $20 billion from the American people by selling these along with Victory Bonds
Four-minute men men that gave “four-minute speeches,” to be delivered at movie theaters and public halls and gathering places. These men urged audiences to support the war in various ways, from buying war bonds to reporting draft dodgers to the proper authorities
Red Scare nationwide panic that Communists, or “reds,” might seize power in the U.S.
Dogfights deadly airfights
U-boats German submarines; came from the word Underseeboot meaning “underwater boat”
Doughboys a nickname for American soldiers; largely inexperienced, but they were fresh
Bolsheviks a group of Communists, soon competed for power in Russia
Balkans Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenians
Barrios separate immigrant neighborhoods
General Strike strike that involves all workers living in a certain location, not just workers in a particular industry
The war opened new doors for African Americans to work at war material producing factories in the Northern states which caused 300,000 to 500,000 migrated to the North What was the Great Migration?
to set up stable Democratic government in Latin America Why did Wilson send marines into Latin American countries?
opposed in Europe and Latin America What was Wilson's invasion of Veracruz?
Triple Entente a friendly understanding between Britain, France, and Russia
Women served in the army in non-combat positions WWI was the first war where what happened?
Schenck vs. the U.S. the Supreme Court ruled that an individual’s freedom of speech could be curbed when the words uttered constitute a “clear and present danger.”
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Who was killed that started WWI?
U.S., Britain, France, and Italy the Big Four were the leaders of what victorious Allied nations?
Hooverize Instead of using rationing, Hoover encouraged Americans to save food on their own; Wheatless Mondays, Meatless Tuesdays, and Porkless Thursdays
Selective Service Act required all men between 21 and 30 to register for the draft
Triple Alliance Germany signed alliances with Italy and with Austria-Hungary, a huge empire that controlled much of southeastern Europe
1908 Serbs became furious when Austri-Hungary annexed Bosnia
Zimmermann Telegram Zimmermann cabled the German ambassador in Mexico, telling him to make an offer to the Mex gov, proposing that Mexico ally itself with Germany incase of war between Germany and the US. Mex would regain its lost territory in TX, NM, and AZ after the war
to attempt to overthrow Mexican government Wilson's refusal to apologize for the American sailors in Tampico
"selling" the war using advertising executives, commercial artists, authors, songwriters, entertainers, public speakers, and motion picture companies to help sway public opinion in favor of the war
neither were allowed to be in a combat postion What did African Americans and women have in common during WWI?
airplanes were first used to scout out and see what the enemy was doing WWI and airplanes
Palmer Raids series of raids on the headquarters of various radical organizations; although evidence pointed to no single group as the bombers, Palmer’s agents focused on foreign residents and immigrants
FBI division within the Justice Department called the Intelligense Dicision, headed by J. Edgar Hoover
nurses, clerical workers, radio operators, electricians, pharmacists, photographers, chemists, and torpedo assemblers in the navy; only nurses and clerical workers were allowed in the navy Jobs women did during WWI
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