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SS Chapter 6

1 National Assembly, legislative Assembly, National Convention, Directory
2 They were devoted catholics
3 they saw him as a strong leader
4 The storming of the Bastilles
5 They reacted with horror and though it was savagery
8 The first estate was made up of clegy, the second was the nobles, and the third was the bourgeoisie ans the sans culottes. Only the second and third had to pay taxes
9 They were worried so they formed a coalition and made war against france
10 Inequalities in society, Enlightenment ideas, financial crisis
11 Napolean,Metternich,
12 it returned to the monarchy
13 he sold it because his expedition failed and he had no interest in it anymore
14 they spanish had guerilla war tactics
15 great britain
16 The montagnards
17 Napoleans plan to weaken the economy of great britain by disrupting trade
18 redrew maps, restored monarchy, countries that aided france lost territory, countries that fought france gained it, france lost all of its gained territories, had to pay an indemity
19 professional workers at the top of the third estate
20 Napoleans second exhile after waterloo
21 where napolean was first exhiled after many defeats , also in russia
22 having great pride in your country
23 French social and political structure in which the king ruled over three social groups
24 french revolutionaries who wore long pants
25 an effective way to kill people
26 a payment if you lost the war
27 napoleans last battle against britain led by duke of wellington. lost 50000 men
28 a forced transfer of power
29 led british troops at battle of waterloo
30 Laid out basic principles of the french revolution inspired by bill of rights
31 Napoleans homecoming in 1815 he enjoyed a breif period of glory
32 reactory who dominated the congrss of vienna wanted old order
33 Storming of the Bastilles
34 Liberty, equality, fraternity
olympe de gouges wrote a declaration of rights for women
cahirs notebooks in which grievences were recorded
estates general traditional governing body made up of three social groups
comittee of public safety twelve member group that ordered all french citizens to join the war effort
sufferage the right to vote
what were the three groups of the national convention montegaurds jacobins girodins
what dramatic event occured in vendee civil war
after the reign of terror what government was there directory
napolean invaded russia too... teach czar alexander the first a lesson
priveleges special rights granted to certain people because of their position in society
counter revolution a revolution against a government that was established by a revolutio
plebiscite a question put before all the voters
Created by: sampayer
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