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Unit 1 Lesson 5

5 ATHENA Unit 1 Lesson 5 Timelinks

vocabulary worddefinitionexample
clan a group of families that share the same ancestor Each member of a clan is related to one another.
Creek Confederacy the union formed by several groups of Creek Indians to protect themselves. The towns in the Creek Confederacy were broken into war towns and peace towns.
Iroquois Confederacy made up of five major Iroquois peoples beginning about 1570 Fighting among the Iroquois led to the creation of the Iroquois Confederacy.
longhouse a home shared by several related Iroquois families Holes in the roof of the longhouse let out the smoke from the fireplaces inside.
slash-and-burn to cut and burn trees to clear land for farming Slash-and-burn farming was practiced because the forests were so thick.
wampum polished beads made from shells strung or woven together and were used in gift-giving and trading by Native Americans Wampum was used in Iroquois ceremonies.
Created by: bgagnon