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Eps Tri 1

Indentured Servant Individual who agreed to work without wages for period of in exchange for transportation to the colonies
Triangular Trade Three-way pa ttern of trade that involved England
Middle Passage The forced transport of enslaved Africans from West Africa to the Americas
Magna Carta English Document from 1215 that limited the power of the king and provided basic rights to citizens
Parliament Legislative body of a country
English Bill of Rights Documents signed in 1682 that guaranteed the rights of English citizens
Habeas Corpus Constitutional guarantee that no one can be held in prison without charges being filed
Salutary Neglect British policy in early 1700s which allowed the colonies virtual self-rule as l ong as Great Britan was gaining economically
Mercantilism Economic policy under which a nation  accumulates wealth  by exporting  more goods than imports
Navigation Acts The British trade laws enhanced by Parliament during the mid-1700s that regulated colonial Commerce
Enlightenment Eighteenth-century movement during which European philosopher believed that society's  problems could be solved by reason and science
Staple crop Crops that are in steady demand
Cash crop Crops grown for sale
Dame school Elementary school during colonial times
French and Indian War War fought from 1754 to 1763 in which Britain and its colonies defeated France and its Indian allies
Proclamation of 1763 Declaration by the British king ordered all colonists to remain east of the Appalachian Mountains
Albany plan of Union Benjamin Franklin's 1754 proposal to create one Government 13 colonies
Charter Legal Document gibing certain rights to a person or company
Joint Stock Company A company run by a group of investors who share the company's profits and losses
House of Burgesses Representative assembly of colonial Virgina Formed in 1619
Royal Colony English colony that was under direct control of the crown
Proprietary colony English colony granted to an individual or group by the crown
Puritans English protestants who believed in strict religious discipline and simplification of worship; settlers of the Massachusetts bay colony
Separatists Groups who wished to separate from the Anglican church to begine there own churches
Pilgrims English Puritans who sought religious freedom and founded Plymouth
Mayflower Compact Framework for self-government of the Plymouth colony signed on the ship the Mayflower in 1620
Push Factor Factors that motivate people to leave their home countries
Pull Factor Factors that attract people to a new location
Great awakening Religious movement in the English colonies during the 1730's and 1740's which was heavily inspired evangelical preachers
Lord Baltimore * Founded and owned Maryland * Founded it as a refuge for Catholics
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