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The British Empire

Various terms and ideas related to the British Empire for 8th Grade

The phrase "The sun never set on the British Empire." refers to what situation? The empire was so widespread that at any given time, the sun was always shining on a part of the British empire.
India is both a country and a ______. Subcontinent
The Ring of Fire is ______. Surrounds the Pacific Ocean and is an area where earthquakes and volcanoes are common
Winds that blow across East Asia at certain times of the year are called ________. Monsoons
An Indian leader that helped India become independent and also demonstrated peaceful protest methods was ____. Mahatma Gandhi
A mountain that is 29,028 feet tall, located in the Himalayan Range, is _____ Mount Everest
The caste system has been in India For over 1,000 years
The caste system is A a class system
Hindu Kush is A mountain range in India
India has a population of over____. 1 billion people
Major religion in India Hinduism
Untouchables refers to The lowest members of the caste system
Sepoy Rebellion Mutiny of Indian troops stationed near Delhi
Results of the Sepoy Rebellion Changes in attitudes, year long insurrection, dissolution of British East India Company, Beginning of British Raj
Ireland's Independence 1921 - Ireland finally becomes the republic of Ireland
Mohandas Gandhi Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi
Attributes of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi London trained lawyer, Hindu, worked in South Africa for Indian rights, developed Satyagraha (Truth Force), etc
Satyagraha Truth Force
Salt March 1930 - prices very high, purchase only allowed through British vendor, led to a 250 miles march to Dandi
World War II India supported the Allies
Indian Independence 1947 - Great Britain offered independence almost 100 years after Sepoy Rebellion
Britain had established a presence at which locations before the Scramble for Africa began? The Gambia, Lagos, The Gold Coast, Cape Colony, Natal, and the Transvaal
Prior to the Scramble for Africa France had settlements Dakar and St Louis in Senegal, Senegal River, regions of Cote d'Ivoire, a protectorate over the coastal region of Dahomey (now Benin),
Prior to the Scramble for Africa, Portugal had arrived in Angola, Mozambique
Areas controlled by the Ottoman Turks prior to the Scramble for Africa Libya, Tunisia, Egypt
Reasons that led to The Scramble for Africa End of the slave trade, exploration, Henry Morton Stanley, capitalism, steam engines and iron hulled boats, medical advances, politics, military innovation
Two countries that remained free of European control Ethiopia, Liberia
Geopolitical reasons for the collapse of The British Empire Japanese power in the Pacific, German power in Europe, U.S. power in the Western Hemisphere, increasing obligation to colonies following WWI
Warfare in Ireland 1100s - 1600s
Treaty of Utrecht Nova Scotia, Newfoundland; a monopoly on the slave trade in Spanish America, all of French Canada, East India Company pushed France out of India
Boer War 189-1902 in Africa
Opium Wars 1841- 1842 in China
World War I 1914 - 1918
World War II 1939 - 1941
This feature was one of the main reasons that the British Empire was able to become so expansive Most powerful navy
After WWII the United States refused to Support British colonization
Great Britain attempted to join the European Common Market Vetoed by member nations, finally admitted in 1973
1950s Egypt, Kenya, Cyprus, and others sought independence
1997 Last British troops left Hong Kong
Mercantilism Economic policy that required nations to colonize weaker nations to obtain natural resources
Global expansion Trade routes needed to be protected East India Company –monopoly on trade with India
12/31/1600 British government gave the East India Company permission to control all trade between Britain and India
1784 British Parliament forced the government to shut the East India Company and rule India because of atrocities that had occurred
Atrocities attributed to British East India Company Land tax, landless/illiterate/ill fed Indians, more cash crops grown rather then food crops
Strategic colonization An attempt to protect India from other power seekers
4,600 miles The distance one could travel on continental Africa, yet still remain in the British Empire
Suez Canal Made a shortcut for trade
Colonies Equaled profit
Imperialistic countries Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, etc...
Missionaries Sent to colonies in an attempt to convert people to the religion of the "Mother Country"
Mother Country European country which exerted varying degrees of control over weaker countries elsewhere in the world
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