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Unit 2 D Questions

When was Declaration of Independence signed? July 2, 1776
When was Declaration of Independence adopted? July 4, 1776
What did the Declaration of Independence do? declared the colonists free from Britain
What 3 rights were "unalienable?" life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
First battle of the American Revolution? Concord
Battle of Saratoga? convinced France to support the Americans
First Continental Congress: determined new relationship between Americans and Britain
Second Continental Congress: formed a Continental army
Roles women played in American Revolution? boycotts, raised money
Why did France join the American Revolution? enemies of Great Britain
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What are the 3 sections of the Declaration of Independence? 1. preamble, 2. list of grievances, 3. declaration of independence
Who did the Declaration of Independence declare war against? Great Britain
What battle ended the American Revolution? Yorktown
Why did the colonists reject the Albany Plan of Union felt a central government would have too much power. didn't want to give up individual state powers.
Why did the king reject the Albany Plan of Union? He thought the new government would have too much power.
What benefits did France provide for the Americans? brought funds, supplies, troops
How did most Americans feel about the war? indifferent
What was the purpose of Benjamin Franklin's "Join or Die" cartoon? show consequences of not forming a central government
What was the purpose of Paul Revere's engraving about the Boston Massacre? to cause people to dislike the British
Why is Paul Revere's engraving considered propaganda? makes the colonists seem innocent of any wrongdoing
What significance did the French and Indian War have? signaled the end of French presence in North America
Why did the British end their policy of Salutary Neglect? The British wanted the Americans to pay
Created by: lmagnus