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LD SS Expansionism

LD SS Expansionism Quiz

WILLIAM SEWARD ALASKA - Secretary of State who purchased Alaska for 7.2 million from Russia
COMMODORE MATTHEW PERRY JAPAN - Went to Japan with four warships to deliver President Fillmore's letter and told Japan he would be back in a year for an answer. The letter was to open trade with the US. Returned in 1854 with more ships and Japan agreed to trade with US.
GUANTANAMO BAY SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - US insisted on the Platt Amendment in the New Cuban Constitution (allowed them to keep this Naval Station). One of the effects of the war.
PHILIPPINES SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - Commodore Dewey decision cleared the way for the US occupation of Manila in August and the eventual transfer of this country from Spanish to American control.
TREATY OF KANAGAWA JAPAN - Japan opened certain ports for US to trade in. Shipwrecked sailors cannot be confined and must be treated fairly.
SPHERES OF INFLUENCE CHINA - Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, and Italy all had trading rights in China. (Seaports where countries had special trading privileges).
QUEEN LILIUKOLANI HAWAII - When the planters revolted, the US brought in Marines and she gave up her throne at gun point. The US gained control of Hawaii.
PLANTERS HAWAII - Wealthy plantation owners who immigrated their to make money.
YELLOW JOURNALISM SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - Newspapers exaggerated Spain's involvement. Enflamed public opinion.
MAINE SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - Was sent to Havana to protect American citizens. It exploded killing 266 men. This was an immediate cause/trigger of the war (initially blamed on Spain, but possible internal problem).
$7.2 MILLION (2 CENTS AN ACRE) ALASKA - Purchase price of Alaska from Russia
RUSSIA ALASKA - purchased Alaska from this country. They wanted to sell because Alaska was too far away for them to control.
BOXER REBELLION CHINA - Secret society of martial artists. Their goal was to rid the country of the "foreign devils". They attacked and trapped foreigners in the capital of Bejing.
SHIPWRECKED SAILORS JAPAN -In the 1600s, the Japanese cut off all ties from the world, because they feared outsiders. If they wound up in Japan, they weren't allowed to leave.
"SEWARD'S FOLLY/SEWARD'S ICEBOX" ALASKA - People thought that Alaska was a very cold place and that it's purchase was not useful and that is was a waste of money.
CUBA SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - US had investments in this country and the US felt sympathy for these people who were trying to break free from Spain.
WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST/JOSEPH PULTIZER SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - "you furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war" America Imperialism?!
OPEN DOOR POLICY CHINA - Guaranteed equal trading rights for all spheres open to all countries. US didn't want to be left out of trade with China.
THEODORE ROOSEVELT/ROUGH RIDERS SPANISH/AMERICAN WAR - A collection of western cowboys and eastern blue bloods officially known as the First US Voluntary Cavalry. They won the Battle of San Juan Hill and the next day they began a siege of Santiago.
Created by: desilva13