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APUSH Unit 1

Exploration and Colonization, 1492 - 1763

headright system method of attracting settlers to Virginia; after 1618, it gave fifty acres of land to anyone who paid for their own passage or for that of any other settlers who might be sent or brought to the colony
indentured servants individuals who sold their labor for a fixed number of years in return for passage to the colonies; indentured servants were usually young, unemployed men and could be sold
mercantilism economic policy that held that the strenght of a nation is based on the amount of gold and silver it has; also, that the country needs a favorable balance of trade and that colonies exist for the good of the mother country as a source of raw materials
Middle Passage the sea route followed by slave traders from the west coast of Africa to the Western Hemisphere
Separatists those who wanted to break all connections with the Church of England as opposed to most Puritans who believed it was possible to reform the church; the Pilgrims were Separatists
triangular trade trade pattern that developed in the colonies; New England shipped rum to the west coast of Africa in exchange for slaves that were sent to the West Indies for molasses that was sold in New England
Pequot War a 1637 conflict in which the Pequot nation battled Connecticut colonists and their Narragansett allies
King Philip's War a conflict, in the years 1675 - 1676, between New England colonists and Native American groups allied under the leadership of the Wampanoag chief Metacom
Treaty of Paris (1763) the 1763 treaty that ended the French and Indian War
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