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SAT Words

aesthetic having to do with the appreciation of beauty.
adept very skilled, proficient.
advocate to speak or write in favor of.
admicable characterized by or showing goodwill, friendly.
ardent having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling.
assertive confidently aggresive or self assured.
auspicious favorable or promising
autonomy independence or freedom.
benevolent characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings.
benign having a kindly disposition
candor sincerity, openness
candid frank, outspoken, open, sincere.
Cathartic Cleaning, cleansing, purifing
Collaboration The act or process of collaborating
Compelling Having a powerful or irresistible effect
Comprehensive broad or complete on scope or content
Contemporary current, modern, of the present time period
Distinguish to mark off as different
Diligent marked by painstaking effort;hardworking
Domestic of or pertaning to the home the household household affaris or the family
eccentric deviating from customary behavior
electic made up of a variety of sources and styles
empirical derived from or guided by experience or experiment
evoke to call up or produce
fervent having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit.
gregarious fond of the company of others, sociable
idealize to consider perfect
identity the condition of being oneself or itself
impartial not partial or biased, fair, just
improvise to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation
innovate introducing something new
intuition direct perception of truth
Laudatory Giving praise
Languid Lacking in labor or vitality slack or slow
Maverick One whos resists adherence to a groupe
mitigate to lessen in force or intensity
Narrative A story or account pf events, experenices
Novel stikingly new or unusual
Notion a general understanding
Optimist one who expects a positive outcome
Profound of deep meaning
prosperity good fortune
Resilient springing back rebounding
Serene calm peaceful or tanquill
Spontaneous coming from a sudden impulse or tendency
tenacious persistent, stubborn, or obstinate
therapeutic havving to do with the curing of disease or injury
validate sustain or confirm
vivid stikingly bright or intense
vitality exuberant physical strength or mental vigor
altruism a selfless act
abbreviate to shorten, abridge
abstinence the act of refraining from pleasurable activity, e.g., eating or drinking
adulation high praise
adversity misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events
anachronistic out-of-date, not attributed to the correct historical period
anecdote short, usually funny account of an event
anonymous nameless, without a disclosed identity
antagonist foe, opponent, adversary
arid extremely dry or deathly boring
assiduous persistent, hard-working
asylum sanctuary, shelter, place of refuge
camaraderie trust, sociability amongst friends
censure to criticize harshly
circuitous indirect, taking the longest route
clairvoyant exceptionally insightful, able to foresee the future
compassion sympathy, helpfullness or mercy
compromise to settle a dispute by terms agreeable to both sides
condescending possesing an attitude of superiority, patronizing
conditional depending on a condition, e.g., in a contract
conformist person who complies with accepted rules and customs
congregation a crowd of people, an assembly
convergence the state of seperate elements joining or coming together
deleterious harmful, destructive, derimental
demagogue leader, rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
digression the act of turning aside, straying from the main point, esp. in a speech or argument
discredit to harm the reputation of, dishonor or disgrace
disdain to regard with scorn or contempt
divergent seperating, moving in different directions from a particular point
empathy identification with the feelings of others
emulate to imitate, follow an example
enervating weakening, tiring
enhance to improve, bring to a greater level of intensity
ephemeral momentary, transient, fleeting
evanescent quicly fading, short-lived, esp. an image
exasperation irritation, frustration
exemplary outstanding, an example to others
extenuating excusing, lessening the seriousness of guilt or crime, e.g., of mitigating factors
florid red-colored, flushed; gaudy, ornate
fortuitous happening by luck, fortunate
frugal thrifty, cheap
hackneyed cliched, worn out by oversure
haughty arrogant and condescending
hedonist person who pursues pleasure as a goal
hypothesis assumption, theory requiring proof
impetuous rash, impulsive, acting without thinking
impute to attribute an action to particular person or group
incompatible opposed in nature, not able to live or work together
inconsequential unimportant, trivial
inevitable certain, unavoidable
integrity decency, honesty, wholeness
intrepid fearless, adventurous
intuitive instinctive, untaught
jubilation joy, celebration, exulation
lobbyist person who seeks to influence political events
longevity long life
mundane ordinary, commonplace
nonchalant calm, casual, and seeming unexcited
novice apprentice, beginner
opulent wealthy
orator lecturer, speaker
ostentatious showy, displaying wealth
parched dried up, shriveled
perfidious faithless, disloyal, untrustworthy
precocious unuasually advanced or talented at an early age
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