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Week 12 Texas Weekly

Texas Weekly Reader Week 12 vocabulary

Convert To convince to adopt a particular religion, faith, or belief.
Apache A Native American people living the southwest United States and northern Mexico.
Comanche A Native American people formerly ranging over the southern Great Plains from western Kansas to northern Texas and now located in Oklahoma. Who became nomadic buffalo hunters.
Massacre The act or an instance of killing a large number of humans extensively and nastily.
Mision San Saba was one of the Spanish missions in Texas. It was established in April 1757 in what is now Menard County.
Moses Austin the father of Stephen F. Austin, a leading American settler of Texas. he planned to be the first to establish an English American settlement in Spanish Texas, but died before his dream was realized. His son, Stephen F. Austin, led the colony to Texas.
Anglo – Americans An American person of English heritage, origin, or background.
Survivor To remain alive or in existence.
Archeologist an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture.
Excavation A hole formed by after digging on the ground.
Artifacts An object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of historical interest.
How come the Apache wanted a mission of their own in Central Texas? They Apache wanted a mission of their own in Central Texas because they wanted to be protected by the Spanish soldiers from the Comanche.
Why was Moses Austin interested in having an Anglo - American colony in texas? Austin needed another way to make money and he thought establishing an Anglo-American colony in Texas would Profitable - or make money.
Created by: pacarril