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Help to study for the Test on American Independence

Why was the Declaration written? To tell the world (and the King of England) why the colonies wanted to separate from Britain
What are the 3 basic rights, according to the Declaration? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Was the slavery clause kept in or taken out? The slavery clause was taken out because the Southern states wouldn't sign the Declaration if slavery were abolished.
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Why did Cornwallis surrender (give up)? Cornwallis was outnumbered and surrounded by the French soldiers who helped the Americans.
Why did America win the Revolutionary War? 1. Better Leadership, 2. Motivation, 3. Knowledge of the Land, 4. Foreign Aid
What does it mean that the Americans had better leadership? George Washington learned from his mistakes and never gave up.
What does it mean that Americans were motivated? They wanted to win the war more than the British because their lives and dreams of freedom were at risk.
What does it mean that the Americans had knowledge of the land? They knew distances between places, valleys that could protect them, woods and rivers that might be difficult, locations
What foreign aid did Americans receive? France and Spain loaned money to the Americans. France sent boats and soldiers, too.
Who was the president of the Continental Congress? John Hancock
Why did Thomas Jefferson think independence was necessary? To tell the world what was happening in the colonies and to convince other countries to help them.
What are the unalienable rights? Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
Why did the British sign the Intolerable Acts? To punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration? 1. the Rights of the colonists, 2. the wrongs of the king, 3. the colonists are going to make a new country separate from Britain
Who won the French and Indian war? The British
What did the British get in the French and Indian war? The land west of the Appalachian mountains
What treaty ended the Revolutionary War? The Treaty of Paris
What were the Writs of Assistance THey gave permission for British soldiers to search colonists' homes for smuggled goods
What does "unanimous" mean? Everyone agrees
What does "anonymous" mean? a person who is unknown.
Name three ways the Continental Congress raised money for the war 1. Foreign aid from France and Spain (borrowed) 2. Asked for help from colonists (begged) 3. Printed their own money and took stuff from Loyalists (stole)
Why didn't the Continental Congress just tax the colonists to raise money? They didn't want to be just like Britain. The colonists were fighting the Revolutionary War because they DID NOT want to pay TAXES.
Why didn't slavery end with the Declaration? The South needed slaves to keep making money, and the Southern representatives would not sign the Declaration if Slavery were ended. The congress needed a unanimous vote to keep going with the Declaration
Why was Common Sense so important to the Patriots' cause? It was a short book that gave good reasons for declaring independence. He asked: how can an island rule an entire continent? how can a king rule from so far away?
What are two reasons FOR independence? 1. freedom to trade with other countries 2. No more unreasonable taxes from King George
What are two reasons AGAINST independence 1. Colonists would not have the protection of Great Britain 2. Colonists could never win a war against a huge empire. they don't have the men or the money
What is a loyalist? A loyalist is a colonist who supported King George and Britain.
What is a patriot? A patriot is a colonist who wanted American Independence- colonies should be free from Britain
Created by: MrsGallagherFPMS