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US Studies

Progressive Era Review Questions

Restricting the power to political machines was usually left to... municipal refroms
Reformers wanted to provide citizens with more affordable services by transfering control of urban utilites to.. the city
One way reformers hoped to end corruption in government was to... give voters more direct say in lawmaking
During the Progressive Era many states... abolished child labor
When thr United Mine Workers called a strike in 1902, President Roosevelt... called for arbiration
Roosevelt vigorously enforced... the Sherman Antitrust Act
The new Labor Department supported legislation that would benefit... women and children
The oregressive faction of the Republican party protested Presidnet Taft's handling of the... Balinger-Pinchot affair
Progressives in Congress, unlike Taft, favored... high tariffs
The platform of the Bull Moose party supported... women's sufferage
In the election of 1912, a split in the Republican party helped... Wilson win
The Clayton Antitrust Act was especially favored by... labor unions
As a measure to prevent bank failures, President Wilson helped create the... Federal Reserve System
The progressive movement focused mainly in the problems of... Urban residents
Created by: KarisBolden