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political party organized group that seeks to control government throughout the winning of elections and the holding of public office
major party a dominant group in a governmental system
coalition a union of persons or groups of diverse interests; alliance of parties for the purpose of forming of government
two-party system political setup in which the candidates of only two groups have a reasonable chance of winning elections
minor party one of the less widely supported political parties in a governmental system
single-memeber district electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for each office one the ballot
plurality in an election, at least one more vote than that received by any other candidate; may or may not be a majority of the total vote
pluralistic society one consisting of several distinct cultures and group
consensus general agreement among various groups on fundamental matters
multiparty system political setup in which three or more major group compete for office
one-party system political set up in which only one group exists or in which only one group has reasonable chance of winning elections
electorate all of the persons entitled to vote in a given election
ideological party political group based on a particular se of beliefs, a comprehensive view of social, economic and political matters
single-issue parties political group that concentrates on one public policy trouble
economy protest parties political groups rooted in periods of discontent
splinter parties political groups that has split away from one of the major groups
ward local unit of party organization;also, a district within a city for city council election
precinct the smallest unit of election administration; a local voting district
split-ticket voting voting for candidates of more than one party in the same election
suffrage right to vote
franchise suffrage the right to vote
registration procedure of voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting
literacy ability to read and write
poll tax bill paid in some states before a person was allowed to vote
gerrymandering the drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group
injunction court order that requires or forbids some specific action
political efficacy influence of effectiveness in politics the works of government
political socialization complex process by which individuals acquire their attitudes and opinions
party identification persons sense of attachment, loyalty to a political group
straight-ticket voting selection for the candidates of one party in a election
independent voter who does not identify with or regularly support a particular party
nomination process of selection candidates for office
general election regularly scheduled vote out which the otters choose public office holders
cancus a meeting of a group of like-minded persons to select the candidates they will support in an election
direct primary an intrparty nominating election at which those who vote choose a partys candidates to run in the general election
closed primary direct, in which only declared party members may vote
open primary only qualified voter may participate without regard to his/her party allegiance
run off primary involving the two front runner in the first contest;held where election law requires a majority vote for nomination
coattail effect influence that popular candidate for a top office can have on the voters' support for the other candidates of his/her party on the same ballot
precinct the smallest unit of election admission
polling place particular location where those voters who live in a specific area vote in an election
ballot device by which a voter registers a choice in a election
politicalaction committee an arm of a special interest group that seeks to influence elections and public policy office
public opinion those attitudes shared by a significant number of persons on matters of government and politics
opinion leader any per on who has a more than usual influence on the view of others
mandate the instructions or commands a constituency gives to its elected officials concerning policies
interest groups private organization that tries to influence public policy
public opinion poll a formal survey of the peoples attitudes
straw vote unscientific measurement of public opinion; usually asking the same question of a large number of people
sample in scientific polling, a small number of people chosen as a representative cross-section of the total population to the surveyed
random sample in scientific polling, a sample to be interviewed drawn suck that each member of the population has an equal chance to be included in it
quota sample in scientific polling, a group chosen to be interviewed in which the members of each of the polulation has an equal chance to be included in it
medium a means of transmitting information
mass media communication that reach large audiences
sound bite short, sharply focused television news reports
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