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Chapter 8 SS review

Uniting The Colonies

When colonists refused to buy British goods, it was called- a boycott
The British learned that the colonists would be difficult to defeat at the- Battle of Bunker Hill
Why did the French want control of the Ohio Valley? It was an important link between Canada and Louisiana.
The _________ _______ ________ was not a way the colonists responded to the East India Company tea monopoly? Boston Port Act
She was one of the best poets of this time. Phillis Wheatley
What caused Pontiac's Rebellion? the loss of Indian hunting lands to settlers
A formal meetings of representatives is called- a congress
Who was named the first commander-in-chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere were all leaders of the Sons of Liberty
Why did the English colonies not support the Albany Plan? The colonies were not willing to work together for a common goal.
King George III hired mercenaries from Germany
What action did the First Continental Congress take? It sent a petition to Parliament.
This was not a result of the treaty of Paris- Britain received New Orleans from the French
Why were the battles at Lexington and Concord so important? They marked the beginning of the war with Britain.
The Second Continental Congress sent the ____________ ___________ Petition to King George III to express its desire for a peaceful end to the problems Olive Branch
Created by: slohrenz