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Africa's History

Development of Africa - Colonization to Today

Apartheid System of separation of races in South Africa
Boers Dutch farmers who moved inland to settle in southern Africa
Dutch First Europeans to set up a colony at the Cape of Good Hope
British European country that colonized South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria
F.W. DeKlerk White president of South Africa who started the process to end apartheid
Nelson Mandela First black president of South Africa; long time fighter against apartheid
Zulu Tribe in southern Africa known as fierce warriors who attempted to fight off the British
Nigeria Country that became independent in 1960 but suffered civil war caused by unequal distribution of resources and religious differences
KANU Organization in Kenya that fought for independence
Jomo Kenyatta First black president of Kenya; led the fight for freedom in Kenya
Pan Africanism Movement to bring back African culture and traditions to previously colonized countries; many supporters lived outside of Africa
Nationalism Sense of pride in one's country
Imperialism One country takes over many other countries to build up an empire and to gain power and control of resources
Slave Trade The export of many Africans to the Americas, mainly from West Africa
Gold Diamonds Rubber 3 main natural resources that attracted European colonists
Ethnic Groups People with similiar heritage and culture
Partitioning Division of African territory by Europeans, often decided without regard to the existing ethnic groups living there already
Indirect Rule Leadership is assigned to an individual or small group living in the colony but guided by the European country
Assimilation Process of adopting the European colony's culture and possibly becoming a citizen of that European colonizing country
ANC Organization that fought for the end of apartheid
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