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Civil War Fassbender

Civil War

Which was not considered part of the Union strategy for war? Convince England to join the Union side
What was the overall purpose of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments? To give African-Americans equal rights
Why do some Northerners disagree with granting African Americans equal rights? Fearful of them Depend on their cotton production in the South Might take away land and job opportunities in the North
How did the Emancipation Proclamation SAVE slavery and DESTROY slavery? Save = because Border states were still allowed to have slavery Destroy = because it allowed African American their freedom in rebelling states
Name the location where Confederates looked to take control of a military base in the South. Fort Sumter
Describe one strength of the Confederacy Excellent Generals Cotton Production Motivation
What stance did the British decide to take during the Civil War? Remain Neutral
Which is untrue about the Battle of Gettysburg? Gettysburg was a Confederate stronghold
Describe how Sherman’s “March to the Sea” devastated the South. (3 reasons) Destroyed Southern cities and businesses Burned the fields Slaughtered the livestock (animals) Tore up railroad tracks/transportation
Name the correct group who fought to end Reconstruction Freedman’s Bureau Scalawags Ku Klux Klan Carpetbaggers Ku Klux Klan
Which of the following best describes Lincoln’s policy of Reconstruction? Pardon southern states and reunite the nation
How would Radical Republicans view the idea of Reconstruction post-Civil War? (at least 2 ideas) Radical Republicans were looking to correct the wrongs of the South: equal rights for African Americans, encourage economic growth in the South, fair representation in Congress.
Describe how sharecropping is similar to slavery. Sharecropping kept freed slaves tied to the land because it was very difficult to earn their freedom
Name the goals of Reconstruction (3 total) 1. Unite the country 2. Freedom/opportunity for African Americans 3. Rebuild the South
Was Reconstruction a success or failure? Discuss at least 3 goals or plans. Possible Ideas to Include: -Reconstruction Acts -Black Codes -Freedoms Bureau -KKK -10% plan -Johnson’s Plan Sharecropping/Tenant Farming -Radical Republicans - 13, 14,15th Amendments
What is the term where governmental decisions are in the hands of the people Popular Sovereignty
The amount of Underground Railroad traffic increased, slave masters searched for runaway slaves, and assisting runaway slaves was a criminal offense all because this piece of legislation. Fugitive Slave Laws
Which was not the a factor that foreshadowed the coming Civil War? Annexation of Texas Nullification Issue Native American Removal Industrial Revolution All foreshadowed the WAR
Discuss Lincoln and Douglas’s stance throughout the series of their debates. Lincoln – wanted equality for all races Douglas – wanted to leave the decision up to the states (popular sovereignty)
Identify the first state to secede from the Union, the Union blockade, and the 5 border states 1st state to secede – South Carolina Union Blockade Border States – MO, KY, DE, WV, and MD
Name the first official battle of the Civil War where the Confederates were victorious and the Union realized the war would be longer than anticipated Battle of Bull Run
Considered the bloodiest battle in American history, a turning point of the war, and allowed Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation Battle of Antietam
This Union victory diminished the Confederate army’s size and morale. The win allowed Lincoln to issue a speech about reuniting the country. Battle of Gettysburg
This Union victory split the Confederacy in half with the Union controlling the Mississippi River Battle of Vicksburg
This Confederate victory boosted the morale of South. The Confederates took risks to overcome the Union advances. Battle of Chancellorsville
Someone who wants to get rid of slavery abolitionist
Created by: MaxWell7