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Telecommunications the Internet and Wireless Technology

High-speed cellular networks based on packet-switched technology, enabling users to transmit video, graphics, and other rich media, in addition to voice. 3G networks
The next evolution in wireless communication is entirely packet switched and capable of providing between 1Mbps and 1Gbps speeds; up to ten times faster than #G networks. Not widely deployed in 2010. 4G networks
The capacity of a communications channel as measured by the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that can be transmitted by that channel. Bandwidth
Popular term for Weblog, designating an informal yet structured Web site where individuals can publish stories, opinions, and links to other Web sites of interest. Blog
The totality of blog-related Web sites. Blogosphere
Standard for wireless personal area networks that can transmit up to 722 Kbps within a 10-meter area. Bluetooth
High-speed transmission technology. Also designates a single communications medium that can transmit multiple channels of data simultaneously. Broadband
One station transmits signals, which travel in both directions along a single transmission segment. Bus topology
Use digital cable coaxial lines to deliver high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses. cable Internet connections
A device that transmits voice or data using radio waves to communicate with radio antennas placed within adjacent geographic areas called cells. cell phone
Live, interactive conversations over a public network. chat
A transmission medium consisting of thickly insulated copper wire; can transmit large volumes of data quickly. coaxial cable
A group of technologies providing high-capacity transmission over existing copper lines. A group of technologies providing high-capacity transmission over existing copper lines. digital subscriber line (DSL)
English-like name that corresponds to the unique 32-but numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address for each computer connected to the Internet. domain name
A hierarchical system of servers maintaining a database enabling the conversion of domain names to their numeric IP addresses. Domain Name System (DNS)
The computer-to-computer exchange of messages. E-mail
A fast, light, and durable transmission medium consisting of thin strands of clear glass fiber bound into cables. Data are transmitted as light pulses. fiber-optic cable
Tools for retrieving and transferring files from a remote computer. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Measure of frequency of impulses per second, with 1 Hertz equivalent to 1 cycle per second. hertz
Specific geographic locations in which an access point provides public Wi-Fi network service. hotspots
Very simple devices that connect network components, sending a packet of data to all other connected devices. hubs
The communication standard used to transfer pages on the Web. Defines how messages are formatted and transmitted. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Chat service that allows participants to create their own private chat channels so that a person can be alerted whenever someone on his or her private list is on-line to initiate a chat session with that particular individual. instant messaging
Four-part numeric address indicating a unique computer location on the Internet. Internet Protocol (IP) address
A commercial organization with a permanent connection to the Internet that sells temporary connections to subscribers. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Research network with new protocols and transmission speeds that provides an infrastructure for supporting high-bandwidth Internet applications. Internet2
New IP addressing system using 128-bit addresses. Stands for Internet Protocol version 6. IPv6
A telecommunications network that requires its own dedicated channels and that encompasses a limited distance, usually one building or several buildings in close proximity. local area network (LAN)
A network that spans a metropolitan area,usually a city and its major suburbs. Metropolitan-area network (MAN)
A type of blogging that features very short posts of 140 characters or fewer. Micro blogging
Stands for modulator-demodulator. Modem
It routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates network resources. Network Operating System (NOS)
A method of slicing digital messages into parcels called packets, sending the packets along different communication paths as they become available and then reassembling the packets once they arrive at their destinations. Packet switching
A peer-to-peer network treats all processors equally and is used primarily in small networks with 10 or fewer users. Peer-to-peer
It links up to eight devices within 10-meter area using low-power, radio-based communications and can transmit up to 722 Kbps in the 2.4-GHz band. Personal-area networks (PAN)
It is a set of rules and procedures governing transmission of information between two points in a network. Protocol
RFID systems provide a powerful technology for tracking the movement of goods throughout the supply chain. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
A network configuration in which device connections create a circular data path. Ring topology
It is a communications processor that routes packets of data through different networks, ensuring that the data sent get to the correct address. Router
Stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, pulls specific content from websites and feeds it automatically to users` computers. RSS
Search engines attempt to solve the problem of finding useful information on the web nearly instantly and, arguably, they are the killer app of the Internet era. Search engines
Web that controls every system around us running on electricity and is based on billions of internet-connected sensors throughout our physical world. internet of things
A set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other near field communication
This part of search algorithm guesses what one is looking for and suggests search terms as one types search words. predictive search
the goal is to build search engine that can really understand human language and behaviour semantic search
use intelligent agent software for searching the internet for shopping information shopping bots
combine the functionality for self phone with that of a mobile laptop computer with WiFi capability smartphones
enable users to build communities of friends and professional colleges social network
effort to provide fewer, more relevant, and trustworthy search results based on a persons network of social contacts social search
new networking approach in which many of these controls functions are managed by one central program which can run on an expensive commodity servers that are separate from the network devices themselves. software designed network
has more intelligence than a hub and can filter and forward data to a specified destination on the network switch
offer guaranteed delivery at 1.54 Mbps T1 lines
log in onto one computer system and doing work on another Telnet
uses a suite of protocols, the main ones being TCP and IP, TCP handles the movement of data between computers. IP is responsible for the delivery of packets and includes the dissembling and reassembling of packets during transmission. Internet Protocol
integrates disparate channels for voice communications, data communications, instant messaging, email, and electronic conferencing into a single experience by which users can seamlessly switch back and forth between different communication moods unified communications
In URL www.megacorp.com is the domain name, content/features is the directory path that identifies where on the domain web server the page is stored. and 082610.html is the web page name and the name of the format is in. uniform resource locator
Is the secure, encrypted, private network that has been configured within public network to take advantage of the economic of scale and management facilities of large network. virtual private network
its like pinterest, where picture replaces text document, where user search pictures and where pictures of product replace the display add for the product. visual web
it delivers voice information in digital form using packet switching, avoiding the toll charged by local and long distance telephone networks. voice over IP
the website that enable people to collaborate share information, create new services and content online. if we add a video on YouTube or on Facebook or have created a blog. means we have used web 2.0 Web 2.0
the future of internet is called web3.0 . as more tools for individuals to make sense out of the trillions of page on the internet Web 3.0
collection of web pages linked to a home page. Website
the most universal and powerful WAN is the internet. computer connects to WAN through public networks like telephone system , private cable system. Wide area networks
set of standards for wireless LANs and wireless internet access. Wi-Fi
in contrast in collaborative websites on which visitor can add, delete, or modify content, including the work of previous author. Wiki
worldwide interchangeability for microwave access, in the popular term for IEEE standard 802.16. it has a wireless range of up to 31 miles and transmission speed of up to 75 Mbps. WiMax
are networks interconnected wireless devices that are embedded in the physical environment to provide measurement of many points over larger spaces . Wireless sensor networks
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