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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
ChapterOne Business Information Systems in Your Career Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 30 1 edit
ChapterTwo Global E-Business and Collaboration Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 46 1 edit
ChapterThree Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 34 2 edit
ChapterFive IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 88 3 edit
ChapterSix Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 43 1 edit
ChapterSeven Telecommunications the Internet and Wireless Technology Computers 2018-08-17 TroyIS3310 67 0 edit
ChapterEight Securing Information Systems Computers 2018-07-12 TroyIS3310 68 0 edit
ChapterNine Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 20 2 edit
ChapterTen E-commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 53 2 edit
ChapterEleven Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 48 2 edit
ChapterTwelve Building Information Systems and Managing Markets and Projects Computers 2019-07-19 TroyIS3310 50 2 edit
ChapterFour Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems Computers 2019-08-26 TroyIS3310 42 3 edit
Statistics Statistics Math 2019-07-07 TroyIS3310 36 1 edit

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