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Famous Georgians

Famous Georgia People for Georgia Studies

Tomochichi Colonial Indian chief that gave land to the colonists of Savannah.
Mary Musgrove Colonial A trader who was hired to be a translator for the colonists.
Elijah Clarke American Revolution Continental American Officer who commanded at the Battle of Kettle Creek.
Rebecca Latimer Felton American Revolution An American writer, lecturer, reformer, and politician who became the first woman to serve in the United States Senate.
Nancy Hart American Revolution Heroine of the American Revolutionary War noted for her whose exploits against Loyalists in the Georgia backcountry.
Lyman Hall American Revolution Was a physician, clergyman, and statesman, was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Georgia. Hall County is named after him.
George Walton American Revolution Signed the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Georgia and also served as the second Chief Executive of that state.
Abraham Baldwin Building a Country and Westward Expansion One of the Founding Fathers of Georgia, and founder of the University of Georgia.
William Few Building a Country and Westward Expansion Was a Politician that represented Georgia in the Constitutional Convention. He fought in the Revolutionary War.
Alexander McGivillary Building a Country and Westward Expansion Principal Chief of the Upper Creeks. He established an alliance with the British and resisted European and American expansion into his territories.
William McIntosh Building a Country and Westward Expansion Leader of the Lower Creeks, that started using European Tools. He allied with the United States against the Upper Creeks.
Sequoyah Building a Country and Westward Expansion Also known as George Guess, he invented the Cherokee Syllabary, so The Indians could write and read their spoken language.
John Ross Building a Country and Westward Expansion Became the leader of The Cherokee Nation. He was one-eighth Cherokee. He was also a successful tobacco farmer.
John Marshall Building a Country and Westward Expansion Longest serving Chief Justice who really built up the Judicial Branch of Government. He made a number of good rulings and laws.
Alexander Stephens Building a Country and Westward Expansion He was an American politician and vice president of the Confederacy. He was also the 50th governor of Georgia.
Henry McNeal Turner New South African American politician who was an active legislator and became an outspoken advocate for the back-to-Africa emigration.
Bourbon Triumvirate New South Made of Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt and John B. Gordon, these three ruled the Georgia legislature uninterrupted for a decade.
Henry Grady New South "Spokesperson of the New South", he was the managing editor for the Atlanta Constitution.
Thomas E. Watson New South Liberal, racist and anti-Catholic, this man represented the Populist Party.
Rebecca Latimer Felton New South She was the most prominent woman in the Progressive Era. She was also the first female senator in the US.
John Hope New South Most important African American educator and race leader of the 20th century
Lugenia Burns Hope New South A social activist, she helped improve black communities throughout the South.
Alonzo Herndon New South African American barber and entrepreneur. He helped found the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, which was largely successful.
Herman Talmadge Desegregation and Civil Rights A senator for Georgia in the mid to late 20th Century. He was one of the governors in the Three Governors Controversy.
Benjamin Mays Desegregation and Civil Rights A minister,scholar and social activist, he helped considerably in MLK's Civil Rights Movement. He was also very outspoken.
Martin Luther King Jr. Desegregation and Civil Rights A pastor, activist, and humanitarian, this man is best known for leading the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He used nonviolent practices.
Hamilton Holmes Desegregation and Civil Rights An orthopedic physician, he was one of the first two African Americans admitted into the University of Georgia.
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Desegregation and Civil Rights A journalist and correspondent to NPR, she was one of the first two African Americans admitted into UGA.
Maynard Jackson Desegregation and Civil Rights An African American politician, he was the 54th and 56th mayor of Atlanta. He was the first African American mayor of a large Southern city.
Lester Maddox Desegregation and Civil Rights 75th Governor of Georgia, he was a segregationist. He owned a "Whites Only" restaurant and chose to have it close rather than desegregate it when it became a law.
Andrew Young Desegregation and Civil Rights A diplomat, activist, and pastor, he was the 55th mayor of Atlanta and also an ambassador to the United Nations. He was also a good friend of Martin Luther King Jr.
Jimmy Carter Desegregation and Civil Rights The 39th President of the United States, he was also a peanut farmer and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize after leaving office.
James Oglethorpe Colonial The most important trustee an founder of Savannah, which would be Georgia.
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