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H.H. Essay Questions

11/13/13 Honors History essay questins for test on WWI

How did gov't promoted WWI? spent a lot of money war profit taxes, liquor taxes, tobacco and other luxury goods raised 1/3 of amount through taxes got $ through victory loan bonds and liberty loan bonds propaganda committee which was highly effective
Describe attacks on civil liberties took out German books espionage and sedition act which limited freedom of speech anti-immigrant hysteria which was directed at Germany and Austria-Hungary towards Americans lynching
What were the social changes that affected African Americans and women? more African Americans moved up north for jobs which is similar to the exodusters in the Civil War women did men's factory work because men where in economic social independence women got social credit
Explain how business and gov't cooperated during war wages went up 20% prices soared which helped gov't get money DuPont company helped a lot War Industries Board helped produce less waste and it was efficient with it that gov't didn't waste money on wastage fixed prices helped business earn profit
Created by: polarbearlover17