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Chapter 7

Review Questions

How were the Americans divided over the issue of separating from Great Britain? The Patriots sided with the Americans, and the Loyalists supported Great Britain.
Why was it difficult for Washington to form AND keep a large army? Congress asked for men to stay in the army after enlisting for a year, then they were sent home after their time was up.
How did the Battles of Saratoga mark a turning point in the Revolutionary War? It caused European nations to think that the Americans might win their war for independence, then joining the American side.
What role did Benjamin Franklin play in helping America in the War? Ben Franklin helped the Americans by sailing to France and convincing the French to join the Americans in the war.
How did European officers, such as Lafayette, aid America in the war? European officers trained the inexperienced military troops to professionals.
What was John Paul Jones's major contribution during the war, and why was it important? John Paul Jones fought the famous sea battle on his ship, Bonhomme Richard, against the British ship, Serapis. This was important because his success against the world's best navy inspired Americans to think the war would be won on land.
Why did the fighting between Patriots and the Loyalists in the south turn so vicious? The British believed most Southerners were Loyalists, so they moved the war south thinking Loyalists would hold their land, both sides using Guerrilla attacks.
What type of warfare did Francis Marion and his men employ? Marion used guerrillas, small bands of fighters who weakened the British with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks
What advantages helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War? Better leadership, foreign aid, knowledge of their land, and motivation.
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