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Unit 4: Expansion

Westward Expansion

Louisiana Purchase former French territory that doubled the size of the US
Sacajawea member of the Lewis and Clark expedition team
Black Hawk War Indian-white conflict resulting in the removal of native peoples from the Indiana area
Trail of Tears 1200 mile journey that forcibly removed the Cherokee form the ancestral home in the southeast
Indian Removal Act legislation that permitted President Jackson to removed the 5 civilized tribes to Indian territory
Andrew Jackson President who removed Indians from the southeastern states
States' Rights belief that the state has higher authority than the federal government
nullification belief that the state has the right to nullify any federal legislation or statute
panic of 1837 led to the closure of state banks and unemployment
Clay's Compromise reduction of federal tariffs over a 10 year period
industrial revolution development of US domestic industry
market revolution rise of consumer purchase over home industry
Adams-Onis US acquisition of Spanish Florida
Monroe Doctrine formal notice that the US will not tolerate European intervention or colonization in the western hemisphere
Treaty of Ft. Laramie agreement outlining the territory Plains Indians will control
Mormon Trail trek from Indiana to Salt Lake
Texas Mexican state that rebelled and secured independence in 1836
Polk President who supported manifest destiny through territorial acquisiton and war
54' 40' annexation slogan to claim Oregon territory
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo California and New Mexico territory part of the US; Rio Grande as Texas Border
California gold rush that pushed the territory into immediate statehood
Gibbons v Ogden asserted federal control over interstate commerce
McCulloch v Maryland declared the BUS constitutional
Missouri Compromise 36' 30': above is free; below is slave
manifest destiny belief that led Americans to conquer the west
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