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Unit 6--Early Republ

Judiciary Act Federal courts were set up
What issue was supported by Jefferson, but rejected by Hamilton? States' Rights
Characteristics of the Early Republic War of 1812 Louisiana Territory expansion of national power
Why did some Americans favor protective tariffs? Businesses in the North thought it would help them compete with European imports
1803 Louisiana Purchase (doubled the size of the US)
John Adams Favored a strong central government Federalist Supported by Northern merchants & industry
Reason why political parties developed in the early republic disagreement over the role & strength of the national government
What legislation of Adams' administration restricted citizens from criticizing the government? Alien & Sedition Act
This action contributed to the beginning of the War of 1812 impressment of American soldiers into the British navy
How did the War of 1812 affect the standing of the US in world affairs? established its identity as an independent & powerful nation
Problems leaders faced during the early republic years creating a stable economy maintaining national security defining the authority of the national government
Monroe Doctrine US would not tolerate European intervention in Latin America
Who was the 1st Vice President and 2nd President of the United States? JOHN ADAMS
What act impacted American trade which caused the imports and exports to fall? Embargo Act of 1807
How did the Federalist view the text of the Constitution? Should be interpreted loosely according to historical & social changes
Qualities of George Washington Inspirational Honest & Practical Believes in equality
What was Washington's stand on foreign policy? Must be self-governing; if we make alliances with other countries that can take away that authority -- we fought the American Revolution for nothing
Did Washington support immigrants coming to America? YES
How did James Monroe contribute to American foreign policy? US would resist any nation attempting to interfere with the affairs of the Western Hemisphere
During Monroe's Presidency what land did the US acquire? Florida
How was US viewed as a result of the War 1812? Independence & perservance
Washington's Farewell Address Against foreign alliance & political parties
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