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November 15

Encounter & Exploration Test

Columbus Italian explorer that sailed for Spain. Became the first explorer to connect the Old World and the New World. Started a trade route between the two hemispheres that still exists today.
The 3Gs The three major goals of the Spanish Conquistadors: Gold, Glory, and God (converting Native Americans).
The Columbian Exchange The Trade route between the Old World and New World that started in 1492.
Conquistadors Spanish explorers that focused on conquering the discovered land as opposed to befriending Native Americans.
Cortes A Conquistador that conquered the Aztec Empire
Pizarro A conquistador that conquered the Incan Empire.
Coronado A conquistador that unsuccessfully explored the Southwest United States looking for the 7 Golden Cities of Cibola.
Ponce de Leon A conquistador that unsuccessfully explored Florida looking for Fountain of Youth.
Viking Explorers Leif Erickson & Erik the Red explored Greenland and Vinland. Settled in North America before Columbus
Black Death A plague that killed over a third of the people in Europe.
Renaissance A time period in Europe that was characterized by a rebirth in learning of Greek & Roman culture.
Middle Ages The time period between the fall of Rome and the beginning of the Renaissance.
Marco Polo An Italian explorer who's book promoted trade with India & China.