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Chapter 10 - 11 quiz


Cult of True Womanhood Idol of middle class woman hood in early 19th century, said that women were naturally pious
Second Great Awakening Religious revival that said salvation is to everyone and to stress the love of god and his mercy
Charles Grandison Finney Most prominent leader in the second great awakening
Shakers a religious commune from England that occured in America that Believed in no sex, didn't reproduce
Oneida Lead by John Humphrey Boyes, only married within their community and developed manufacturing skills
Owenites Robert Owen followers
Fourierists Believed in a perfect society (Utopia) a social reform planned by Charles Fourier
Auburn System Strict Jail system, which allowed little social contract among prisoners, mostly required silence, punished for slightest infraction of the rules
Dorothea Dix Created the 1st generation of American Mental Asylums
Temperance Movement advocated moderation in the use of alcohol, Washington and WCTU were the main organizations involved
Abolitionism - World wide movement to abolish Slavery - Didnt expect the country to go to war
William Loyd Garrison - Very radical abolitionists - Thought Slavery should end immediately
Seneca Falls Convention Women's rights movement, talked about role of women in society
Declaration of Sentiments - Signed at Seneca falls convention by MEN and women - Demanded equality w/men
Transcendentalism - A reaction against Romanticism - regarded as nature as an essence of divinity - Thought humans were good and optimistic - Valued people being individual and aspiring
Herman Melville Wrote Moby Dick
Nathaniel Hawthrne Wrote Scarlet Letter
Edgar Allen Poe Wrote scary stores and poems, very depressed and gothic writer
Walt Whitman Wrote Leaves of Grass
Lyceums Sponsored public lectures of ten featuring writers that were popular in the 19th century, favored by women.
Manifeset Destiny Was the fuel for Oregon Fever because of the rich farmlands and open space
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Was signed in Guadalupe Hidalgo. The Us and Mexico ended the Mexican war
Gold Rush Term for the gold mining boom in the U.S. western terrtories in the late 1840's and 1850's
William Proviso Amendment that banned slavery from any territory from the republic of Mexico
Popular Sovereignty - Squatter Sovereignty - Lewis Cass - Tried to create new territories disregarding non and pro slave opinions
Compromise of 1850 Act that admitted California as a free state and passed a stricter Fugitive slave act
Free Soil Party opposed slavery in new territories
Fugitive Slave Act a law that made people return runaway slaves
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